Scent AirScentAir 

The Client: 
ScentAir produce luxury fragrances for retail, hotel and leisure environments, with scents that support brand image and create a positive environment for customers.

The Brief:
We started working with David Sanger in 2010, where he outlined his main objectives; increasing brand awareness, as well as wanting more traffic and sales from his website. We understood that scent marketing is a relatively new and not widely known concept, therefore inbound search marketing alone would have been insufficient.

The Services:
We then began marketing campaigns that covered inbound such as SEO and AdWords as well as Twitter and LinkedIn PPC to ensure maximum marketing coverage of their brand.

Twitter Follower Recruitment

David really wanted brand awareness through our services so we suggested using social media to achieve this. Since April 2013 we have provided the Twitter Follower generation service and increased follower numbers to @scentairuk from 174 to 6,666. This increase is massive and has helped ScentAir establish their brand. Additionally, site traffic generated through links used on tweets makes up 5% of monthly traffic.


Twitter Follower Growth from April 2013-July 2015


Our PPC campaign enabled us to cover a much broader spectrum of keywords as well as targeting local areas too. AdWords PPC generates around 16% of ScentAir’s total monthly traffic and paid traffic to the site has steadily increased.


Paid traffic increase from October 2015-August 2016

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The SEO work has resulted in organic search being the biggest driver of traffic to the site, around 35% of traffic comes via organic search, of which 37% are new, first time visitors to the site. David never had time to review his site due to business demand but by having us on board, he was able to continue running his business whilst we worked with the US-based web team to resolve any errors or problems on the site.

Organic (search engine) traffic to ScentAir site from October 2015-September 2016.

Organic (search engine) traffic to ScentAir site from October 2015-September 2016.

Before Front Page Advantage we didn’t have a social media presence and no one really knew what scent marketing was. We only had 174 followers on Twitter but thanks to FPA, we now have 6,373 followers and growing!– David Sanger.