Pictures Speak a Thousand Words.
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Google Shopping increases conversion rates by 40%.

Click-Through Rate (CTR) of Product Listing Ads are 120% Higher Than The CTR of Text Ads.

Increase your return on investment by generating more traffic, better qualified leads, targeted audience and a broader reach of customers with Google Shopping.

Photos of your products (product listing ads) on Google generates the most traffic for online sellers and with a lower cost per click compared to a text ad, it is extremely beneficial to your business.

Similar to PPC, you are only charged when someone clicks on your ad and they land on your website, so your message could be seen thousands of times for no cost at all – great for brand awareness. 

Setting up Google Shopping can be challenging with several technical hurdles to overcome. However with our Google certified campaign managers, we will solve any problems that may occur and with continual management, we will keep your Google Shopping campaign optimised, daily or weekly depending on your company’s needs.

What We Offer: 

Google Shopping for PPCGoogle Shopping for PPC

We will set up your product inventory on the Merchant Centre, allowing your products to be seen on Google. Our ongoing management of your campaign performance will enable your products to be continuously seen at the top of Google, with a full report on your campaign’s progress.

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