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5 Things We Learnt From BrightonSEO September 2016

On the 2nd of September our Front Page Advantage team took on BrightonSEO and it did not disappoint. 78 speakers, 7 stages and 3,500 digital marketers – it’s no wonder that BrightonSEO is the most anticipated digital marketing conference in the UK! So what were our biggest takeaways from the event?

Click-Through-Rate DOES affect your rankings

Google have always been hot on user experience and it has now been revealed (thanks to Sam Thomas @samthomasseo) that CTR actually impacts your SEO. It is no longer good enough just to have your site appearing on Google but it has to be appealing enough to be clicked on. Therefore meta descriptions (the narrative under a link that appears in a search engine’s query results) and page titles have become even more important. Thinking about user intent is paramount in order to write compelling content so users are enticed to click on your site.

Online reviews really do impact your SEO

The power of online reviews is really something and the impact it can have on your SEO is astronomical! Chris Bullick’s (@PullMarketing) research into reviews have revealed some amazing stats!

  • 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business.
  • Customers are likely to spend 31% more on a business with excellent reviews.
  • Visible 5* review rating in organic search 17% increase in conversion rate

So you might want to start asking your next customer or client for some feedback. Check our previous blog post on how to receive more online reviews. 

Don’t believe the Site Migration Myth

Jon Earnshaw (@jonearnshaw ) reassures that with proper planning and ownership, you don’t have to lose traffic or visibility when you migrate your site. But there are a couple of things to take into consideration to ensure it all goes according to plan:

For more tips on site migration, have a browse through Jon Earnshaw’s slides.

Content needs planning, driving and team work to be Successful

Every time we visit BrightonSEO we are told about the importance of content. September’s conference was no different. But how do we make content successful?

Lauren Greatorex (@LaurenGreatorex) highlights 5 common drivers of content success:

  • One over-arching idea that is equivalent to your audience’s needs/concerns and interests – this is what drives the ‘content engine’.
  • Once an idea is in place, drive the content in a strategic form and set clear objectives.
  • Consistent performance through a steady stream of content that builds your brand identity so consumers know who you are and what you are about to create accumulative impact.
  • Utilise your employees and get your marketing, PR and sales teams together. Brainstorm and work as a team to drive your content into success.
  • Make sure you research your audience. Find out exactly what they like, what they want and which social channels are best to approach them on.

Local Search is the Bridge between Online and Offline retail

Location is a huge search filter and is essential for E-commerce strategy, according to David Whatley from @MiShoplocal. As retail shops compete locally rather than internationally there is a reduced amount of online competition. A locally-optimised store page can raise awareness of a brand’s abilities, as well as save you money on overall business costs as you won’t need to travel as far for customers! Utilise local search for your e-commerce site and watch traffic increase!

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