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Google Ads Campaign Audit

How Is Your PPC Budget Being Spent?

Why Have Your Campaign Reviewed By A Professional?

We Offer Free Online Google Ads Account Audits.

During your 30 minute audit, one of our Google Qualified Account Managers will take you through a 3 step process.

  1.  Establish clearly what your Google Ads goals are. This could be phone calls, sales, brand awareness, lead generation.
  2. Moving on from this we will identify areas in your account that are wasting your budget, through irrelevant clicks, areas where Google Ads isn’t providing value in its result.
  3. Finally, we will make suggestions on specific features, adjustments and optimised that could be done to your account to improve the account return on investment.

As part of the audit we produce you an action plan for you to take away, providing a summary of how to move the account forward.

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