Are You Ready For A Mobile Future? 

Move aside desktop, there is a new favourite in town! That’s right, mobile is Google’s no.1. and have announced they are going to make mobile their primary index instead of desktop.

This is pretty big news and indicates the importance of mobile search, now more than ever!

Why is Google choosing mobile over desktop you might ask? Well, our infographic below highlights why mobile search has become paramount for your site’s SEO.

With more global mobile users than desktop, it makes sense for Google to now focus their attention on mobile. It seems like mobile use will continue to rise and Google has recognised this and decided to make the change to keep up with user demands.

What can you do to prepare?

  • Consider content on mobile 

You don’t want to lose traffic for certain keywords if they appear on the desktop version and not on mobile. Make sure to think through what you want to be written on your mobile pages, as these will be Google’s primary focus once the change has taken place. If you have the same content on desktop and mobile, then you shouldn’t have to worry, as this won’t affect you.

  • Analyse Your Mobile Pages

Mobile users have different intentions, therefore changing content to suit a mobile audience is important. Therefore just checking your mobile pages to see if it is mobile friendly won’t be enough anymore. Instead, you will need to monitor the performance of these pages to ensure the correct content it being used.amps

  • Speed

The loading time of pages has always been critical on desktop. Most users will abandon your website if the page takes too long to load, so now that users are transgressing over to mobile, these too need to be as speedy as possible. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) might be the way forward when optimising your mobile site.

  • Utilise Mobile Testing Tools

To put your site to the test, try out these helpful mobile tools so you can prepare your site before the changes occur.

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test – See our guide to the mobile test here.

Page Speed Test – See how fast your pages are using another helpful Google test.

Web Page Test – This test lets you compare web pages so you can analyse their performance. To operate the test, click on “visual comparison”, enter URLs and press start test!

We also provide helpful advice and have access to more tools to help improve your mobile site! Please contact us here for more information. Alternatively, you can call 01256 517 473.

It has yet to be announced when these changes will take place but it is good practice to utilise these helpful tools beforehand.