Basingstoke Business Networking Groups

Recently at networking I was asked if I knew of other local Networking Groups around Basingstoke.

If you’re new to networking the best group to get started with is Connecting Biz. Its a free monthly lunch time event with between 60-100 people attending and the people who attend are very supportive to new people.

The networking is organised in a round table fashion with each person spending two minutes to pitch their company to a table of eight. In a single meeting you will pitch to three or four tables. I have found Connecting Biz a great place to take new staff so they can practise explaining our services and learn first hand how the use of jargon can prohibit effective communication.

I’ve used Connecting Biz to gauge our marketing message and listen to the questions of potential customers to Another local networking group that is free to attend but you’re expected to buy a coffee is Business Biscotti.

This is more of a mixer event where you’ll “work the room”. About 30 people attend each month and they are a fun group to speak with. I have also joined 4N Networking as its structure gives me access to groups across Hampshire as you’re not tided to one group. 4N is a structured business networking event with each person giving a 60 second pitch followed by a short presentation and three ten minute 1-2-1 sessions. There is a joining fee but you can attend 3 meeting for free and gain a gauge for it. Just to close off its important your expectations are aligned before you attend networking.

Don’t expect to sell in the meetings, instead expect these people to recommend you to people they know who are looking for your products or services.

The real opportunity is to plan your pitch and measure other business peoples response, this is an excellent “focus group” for your product.