10 things not to do at a careers fair

Graduate career fairs | What you need to know.

What is a career fair?

Graduate career fairs are an interactive and effective way of meeting potential employers, exploring different vacancies and receiving insight on specific needs for a job.
They give employees an easier starting point to work experience opportunities or even full-time employment.

Where are they set up?

They are usually arranged in large halls where recruiters and team members set up booths to inform students about their current job openings, requirements for the application process and any other relevant information regarding the business.

How do I prepare myself for a career fair?

When approaching a careers fair, you should have a general knowledge of the path you would like to obtain, whether this is a small amount of choices or different sectors of companies. Employees should also attend these events having done research of their career options beforehand to get a more finalized understanding of what to expect. Also, this will enable you to ask deeper questions and the company will notice your interest in their jobs.
A crucial asset when taking part in this event is making a good first impression. Recruiters base a lot of decisions on how well prepared and presentable employees introduce themselves, generally giving a good word in your application.
Most recruiters at graduate career fairs will expect you to have your resume printed and organized. Employees should have their resume at hand and ready to present it at all times.

How can I be respectful towards recruiters?

This is perhaps stating the obvious, but when talking to leading employers and presenting yourself, you should not keep your headphones in and restrict use of your phone. Even if you are on their website, there is a lot of competition at careers fairs that can easily take your spot. Employers will not waste a second with rude, replaceable clients.
Additionally, unprofessional behaviour, specifically, having a chat with your friend mid-interview is a huge demean on oneself. It is also unmannerly, considering they have a set time frame and have a variety of people to talk to.
Concerning the opportunity at stake, respect is vital at Graduate Job events as it creates a positive work culture for employees in the future. Respect should be shown regardless of personal feelings and students should be willing to show appreciation and dignity in any circumstance.

What should my use of communication be like?

While formality and professional attitudes are key to a speech, confidence is also essential. Graduate employers will find you more appealing if you are easier to talk to, so practicing and perfecting your speech is a good idea to prevent stumbling when speaking and guarantee a smoother conversation.
During the Graduate Job Events, employees should speak clearly and not use inappropriate language or slang. This language is unprofessional and could instantly repel employers from recruiting you, regardless of any previous good impressions. Similarly, asking irrelevant questions or offering disrespectful comments can create a bad look on you. For example, “Are you offering any roles?”, or “What can you offer me?”.

What should I focus my attention towards?

When attempting a successful careers fair visit, students should direct attention towards options that truly interest them. Don’t waste time looking at job offers for the sake of it and take control of your time.
Employees should typically take notice of an eye-catching businesses and stop to discuss potential application processes. If the business doesn’t suit you, what’s the point?
The general aim of Graduate Career Fairs is to broaden the awareness for local employees and expand the options for the business. Directing your attention towards a business that doesn’t attract you, wastes both yours and the employer’s time.

How should my attitudes be towards employers?

When meeting an employer in person, be polite and introduce yourself. Always rethink your tone of manner towards the employers as they may be your future manager if all goes well. In every case, job seekers hope to end up getting a call post-event, and this only happens when recruiters think positively of you. This means attitudes towards employees are very important.

Do marketing agencies attend graduate job events?

Of course. Obviously, the company would have to be local and have the choice to attend, but generally marketing companies are at Graduate job events.
Milkround graduate jobs mostly have a variety of completely different options to explore, giving the job seekers the best experience they can get and more ideas.

How can I stand out at a Graduate Career fair?

Prioritize visiting your top choices and make sure you don’t run out of time. This means that you should preferably find out which companies will be attending prior to the upcoming events. This way you will find it easier to navigate around the event and go to necessary places.
Another asset that can make you stand out, is giving a memorable goodbye. You may have presented yourself as the average potential employee, and to prevent getting lost in the crowd, you must ensure they remember you. Furthermore, adding a polite thank you message after the Graduate Career Fair could assist their decision.

How should I dress for the event?

Dress for success and only take essentials. No outfit needs to be too formal, just to present a well-mannered and polite employee.
The majority of people at jobs fair try to fit the dress code as the business they are meeting, instantly setting a good first impression. On the other hand, you will most likely be on your feet for several hours, so make sure you wear something comfortable.

What do employers look for in graduates?

Graduates are expected to have a basic level of organization of their time and information. Also, it is good to have a few key skills; problem solving, enthusiasm, teamwork, and flexibility. Graduate Job events are employees chance to show off these skills and prove to the employees that they are worthy of employment.

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