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Climb Online – Winning BBC1’s ‘The Apprentice’ 

We all found the final of BBC1’s “The Apprentice” quite compelling, Lord Sugar invested £250K in Mark Wright’s new Digital Marketing venture ‘Climb Online’, a business proposing a similar offering to our friendly, personal service.

Much is being made of how the URL, and is already taken and many are outraged with the ease with which they secured a £3K a month Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) contract.

Personally I am looking for a TV crew to take along to all of my future client meetings because who wants to say no when they are going to be on the telly.

Climb Online were structuring their SEO business based on a minimal investment of £3K raising the question of the value businesses need to place in online marketing. The show raised the importance of creating a successful relationship with a digital marketing agency.

We work with clients not only in Basingstoke and Reading but based across the whole of Hampshire and Berkshire and we see how our close relationship helps our clients grow by better understanding their digital marketing.

If Climb-Online take up the same path by investing in close client relationships rather than outsourcing they will be founding a solid business and will be welcomed into a highly competitive fledgling industry Lord Sugar can see has a bright future.