Email Marketing – Measuring Beyond the Click

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Friday 27th March 2015

Email Newsletter tools will tell you how many people open the mail and clicked on the links within the newsletter but not what they do on your site.

Google Analytics will tell you what they did once they arrived, the number of pages they viewed and how many of them completed an action and converted into a customer – vital information for managing the effectiveness of your website and maximising conversions.

Email newsletters are a powerful marketing tool allowing you to touch each of your customers, encourage loyalty and create awareness of your latest activities.  They give you a feel for the themes and content which is of greatest interest to your customer base and in addition, metrics on how you should adjust your site to win more organic traffic.

In this presentation we’ll show you how measuring the performance of your email newsletters and structuring your content will generate more business using Google Analytics email campaign tracking features.  

Many email newsletter tools provide statistics but only Google Analytics can show you vital information on how your subscribers behaved once they arrived on your site.  Google Analytics is Google’s free website tracking platform, monitoring and reporting on how your visitors? find your website and how they behave once they arrive.

If your company email newsletter is generating low engagement we will help you discover why and how a change in approach, with new simple techniques, will reinvigorate your email shot.