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Google’s Panda 4.1 update

Google revealed the latest update to its Panda algorithm on 23rd September, Panda 4.1.  Why 4.1?  Well a major algorithm update occurred in May this year – 4.0, this latest update is minor in comparison, hence the 4.1 rating.

In a Google+ post, Google’s Pierre Far announced there would be a slow roll out of Panda 4.1 over a two week period.

So what is Panda 4.1?

Basically Panda 4.1 update applies a filter designed to penalise thin or poor content on web pages from ranking well in Google searches.  New signals have been added based on user and webmaster feedback.  The main aim is to reward quality content regardless of the size of the site.

Who will it/has it affected?

Google state that depending on location the update will affect 3-5% of all search queries.  Webmasters and SEO forums are still announcing fluctuations and ranking changes occurring into this week which could still be due to Panda 4.1.  Those hit by Panda 4.0 who made changes to improve content should be rewarded with the latest update.

Any benefits?

Yes – the great news is this latest algorithm is focusing on boosting rankings of small to medium sized sites with quality content.  So smaller organisations stand a chance to increase their rankings if they are dedicated to ensuring their sites have fresh, relevant, quality content.

Can we expect any more updates?

The last update was four months ago so they are relatively frequent.  If you experience any changes in ranking or organic website traffic , this could be due to an algorithm update.  If unsure you can check if an update has just occurred, Moz produce this list to help keep track of changes: Moz list .