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Have you considered Bing PPC?

Could it be a cheaper alternative to Google…. reminder on what is PPC

Advantages can be gained, less advertisers mean competition to gain front page ad. space is significantly less with Yahoo! Bing Network (YBN)

  • 153 million unique searchers use the YBN with one third of all those users NOT using Google at all.  In the UK alone this figure is 18.8 million unique searchers with 3.8 million users not on Google.
  • Whilst Google is still the king of PPC advertising, in the last few years Yahoo! Bing has gradually increased their market share.  As of March 2013, Google held 67.1% share with Yahoo! Bing now holding 11.8%.
  • Searchers on the YBN are 59% more likely to be potential buyers than the average UK searcher.
  • Front Page Advantage can provide you with a BingAds campaign to support your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) strategy.

Yahoo! Bing Network – who are they?

In January 2010 Microsoft and Yahoo! agreed to unite and provide a joint PPC advertising offering across the Yahoo! and Bing search networks.

Microsoft’s Ad centre took over Yahoo’s search sponsored ad clients in October 2010 and the Ad centre was renamed BingAds in September 2012.

The Yahoo! Bing Network consists of Yahoo! and Microsoft Core Search sites and partner sites – Facebook, Amazon, Monster, WebMD, CNBC and Viacom, also several networks including The Wall Street Journal Digital Network.

Worldwide the network has 499 million unique searchers, 96 million of whom DO NOT use Google.  These searchers spend 116% more than the average internet searcher and 68% more than Google searchers worldwide.

Is BingAds a contender?

Google AdWords is the natural first choice for a paid advertising campaign, with a market share in the UK of around 90%.

However, BingAds continues to draw market share in clicks and ad spend.  According to Rimm Kaufmann Group’s (RKG) tracking, Google AdWords has “lost spend share for six straight quarters”.

Worldwide PPC click-through rates (where a customer clicks on the ad through to the company website/page) on both Google and YBN have been very similar.  The average worldwide Click-through rate on Bing during 2011 was 2.5% compared to Google’s 2.9%.  However, in 2010, Google’s 2.5% click-through rate was lower than Bing’s average at 2.8%.

A 2013 report by Kenshoo for 2012 showed that YBN advertising spend rose by 10% from the second quarter to the third, whilst Google’s was only up 7% for the same period.

Average cost-per-click rates (CPC) in some sectors provides interesting reading.  According to Adgooroo’s 2013 report, in the last quarter of 2012 the Financial Services sector’s average CPC was $2.99 with Google’s AdWords compared to just $1.88 with BingAds.  Maybe the most significant difference was within the Computer and Internet sector, with AdWords @ $1.08 compared to Bing’s amazing $0.40 cost per click.

Google’s AdWords is still the leader by far however, in addition to earning more search traffic, advertisers on AdWords on average experienced higher CTR’s.  AdWords campaigns were found to be 2.4 to 5.9 times higher than those on YBN during the same period.

Yet there are a growing number of reports showing advertisers who have a presence on both engines achieved better click-through rates with YBN and at a lower cost.  Could Bing therefore be a means to providing additional advertising to reach new audiences as part of an overall PPC strategy?  Or to provide a lower cost alternative for those SME companies wishing to dip a toe in the world of PPC advertising….

Why use Bing when Google is obviously king of PPC?

  • Since the set-up of the Yahoo! Bing Network their online advertising revenue has gradually increased showing steady growth.  Bing reported a 12% increase in 2012 and 18% so far in 2013 with a figure of $832 million, they reported this was driven by an increase in revenue per search.
  • Google states that their ad titles should have a maximum of 25 characters, with BingAds allowing up to 40 characters per ad title.  This gives companies greater scope when attracting their audiences.
  • With BingAds being relatively new to the advertising offering, this is a chance to stay one step ahead of your competitors, by incorporating Bing’s PPC to your online strategy.
  • Bing provides new opportunities to advertise as there are many unique users who do not use Google.  Audiences you would otherwise miss out on if you did not have a presence on YBN.
  • With lower Cost per Click rates Bing could provide a higher return on investment.

Why not take a look at our PPC packages so we can transform your website into your best performing sales person.

Front Page Advantage can provide your organisation with a targeted Yahoo! Bing Network presence to help you expand your advertising reach and tap into this emerging opportunity.  Call us today for more information.