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Naylor LLP Boosts Enquiries with PPC Support from Front Page Advantage


Nayor LLP comprises a team of real estate and litigation solicitors based in London. As a boutique law firm, Naylor has high expectations placed upon them, which their digital presence must live up to. With a core value of being pragmatic professionals who strive for only the best results, the team contacted Front Page Advantage so that their digital ads matched the same principle. 


The company offers a unique and bespoke approach that sets it apart from the various competitors in the same sector. With other competitive advantages, such as a multilingual team and experience supporting cases of varying sizes, they certainly have lots to offer clients. 


Having launched their Google Ads presence in 2014, the company was ready to bring some 

professional Pay Per Click (PPC) support to take things to the next level. Enter Front Page Advantage.

The Challenge:

Naylor wanted to boost the number of enquiries they received from Google Ads as the existing amounts were not satisfactory.


One of the main challenges was that the Ads had been used as an outreach tool since 2014, so there was a lot of existing data to rifle through. This also means that some of the intended audience had also been previously reached with the old messaging.


Furthermore, the company wanted to ensure quality leads due to the Ads. This meant that additional criteria and targeting were essential for the project.

Our Solution:

The Bronze PPC Front Page Advantage Package was selected, which is covered by our ‘Pay Per Click’ services. Including 4-hours of work on the account per month, we worked to optimise the Google Ads account and to create a future-proofed solution for managing ongoing ads.

Collaboration was also essential, so we held a call on alternating months with Naylor to ensure that the campaigns delivered the intended results.

The Results:

As the campaign aimed to improve enquiries and engagement levels, we were thrilled to see a rise in conversions. This rose from 0 received in February 2023 to a peak of 248 in August 2023. Despite a 248% increase in enquiries, there was only a 51% increase in spend, demonstrating a healthy ROI. 


The campaign has proved very successful, with the Naylor team commenting how happy they are with the results. 


Another positive result is that as the enquiries have increased, the cost per conversion has dropped due to the better-quality ads we have delivered. Thanks to the historical data from previous campaigns, we can also see a higher click-through rate, with an average of 936 monthly clicks recorded through the 8-month project.




In Summary:

At Front Page Advantage, we specialise in Google Ads services for companies of all sizes. For Naylor, we created a bespoke set of advertisements that were cleverly designed to gain the interest of the intended audience. By using a mix of powerful copy, striking images, and tactical ad configuration, we successfully delivered quality leads to the team.


Contact our specialist team to learn and find out more about our professional services.

Naylor LLP PPC Client

Find out how an effective PPC campaign resulted in a 248% increase in enquiries despite only a 51% increase in spend