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1. Technical SEO
This is the fundamental part of SEO and requires making changes in the backend of the website to fields that Google uses to assess the relevance of each web page. The more relevant to the search term, the more likely your website is to appear in the search results.
Technical SEO also involves making changes to the the headings within each of the web pages as well as ensuring the content on each page is long enough and optimised for the right keyword.
The starting point for technical SEO is to do full keyword research to find out what people are searching for and how many people are searching. Once we agree the keywords to focus on, the SEO implementation can begin.
All of our packages include Technical SEO and is what the bulk of the time is spent on regardless of each package. The more time in your package, the more webpages we can cover to help you climb the Google rankings quicker.
2. New Content
Google loves fresh new relevant content and the minimum goal should be to include one piece of new content per month. This can take the form of a new services page, new product page, expanded content on existing pages or blog articles.
The aim of the fresh new content should be focussed on either the keywords you are targeting or topics with high search volumes that could lead to potential customers visiting your site.
The content should be unique to your website and not the same as other websites. If you already buy content then be sure to find out if its sold to others as Google wants unique content. Duplicate content can negatively impact your sites rankings so be sure to know the source and who else is using it.
Our packages all include writing new content for your site and the amount of content depends on the package you choose.
3. Inbound Links
If your website has a link from another website, which Google sees as credible, your site will intern be seen as more credible. This is called link building. The goal is to get good quality links from websites in your country that have lots of relevant content which Google sees as valuable.
As an extreme example, if you had two identical sites but the only difference is that one had a link from the BBC website, then this website would appear higher in the search results.
We subscribe to the practise of quality versus quantity, as in our experience buying 1,000s of links has a negative impact on your Google rankings so we build long term link building strategies to grow your credibility in Googles eyes and measure this by an authority score rating.
Each of our packages touch on Link building to a lesser or greater extent depending on which package you go for. We also offer bespoke link building.