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Ten Years of Success as Front Page Celebrates First Decade

In September 2007, parts of the UK were hit by tornadoes, which damaged homes and cars and uprooted trees. The Bourne Ultimatum was in cinemas, Gordon Brown was Prime Minister, and the BBC had recently launched a then little-known TV show called Gavin and Stacey.

It was also the month that another kind of tornado appeared on the search marketing scene – Front Page Advantage was launched as an SEO agency by childhood friends Wayne Helmore and Mike Nash.

At the time, Google was barely a decade old, and its advertising had only been launched some seven years previously.

Over the last 10 years, we’ve worked for a huge range of industry sectors and differently sized businesses, from scent marketing to electrical services.
And, since 2007, the way search operates has changed beyond all recognition (the explosion in mobile search is just one example), as has the relevant technology. We’ve not only kept up with these new developments, but kept customers and other stakeholders informed about them too.

The Google Advertising Professional (GAP) Program was introduced in 2005, and Front Page was an early adopter to ensure we were fully trained in the products we were advising clients on to help their businesses be found easily online. The name was changed to Google AdWords-certified and then Google Partners, launched in the UK towards the end of 2013.

We’re proud to be a Google partner, which means our staff are certified in using Google Ads competent with all its features and provide a high quality of customer service to our dozens of clients across the UK. We also have access to our own Google representative, and get the chance to test and use new Google features ahead of anyone else.

A turning point in our history was the 2014 merger with another SEO & PPC agency, Simply Search. It gave us a bigger client base and a permanent home in Basingstoke – and we liked their friendly, personal way of working, which mirrored our own approach. After all, each client has different needs, and we’ve always worked hard to understand individual requirements before starting work on a project.

Long-lasting relationships with our customers really matter to us, and most of our new business comes from personal recommendations.
But while we’re glad to acknowledge our first decade, we won’t be resting on our laurels. The company is determined to keep evolving, with director Lucy Griffiths now leading our team of digital specialists.

She commented: “As the search industry continues to change, Front Page Advantage will keep on growing to meet the constantly shifting needs of its customers and the available technology. We’re really looking forward to the next 10 years!”

Finally, we’re celebrating having passed the 10-year milestone by giving back to the community and offering local businesses in Basingstoke free Google Ads and SEO reviews. Get in touch today to learn more.