The Future Is Mobile

The world has been waiting for this moment and mobile search has over taken desktop for the first time…in ten countries so far and counting.

Google have naturally been busy working on new developments to make mobile search streamlined, user friendly, inviting and ensure it (to quote their mission statement) “connects people with what they are looking for in the exact moment they are looking for it”.

Adwords Performance Summit in California, Google’s Jerry Dischler (Vice President, Production Management, Adwords) introduced some exciting new developments to a global audience.

To give you a flavour of what you can expect to see happen when you Google search in the next few months and in your Adwords accounts, we’ve condensed the numerous announcements into a snapshot below.


Interesting Fact: Apparently we don’t ‘go online’ now, we ‘live online’ with 91% of Google searches being made whilst we are mid task or action i.e. looking up product reviews whilst shopping.

There are four categories of changes imminent:

1. Mobile Ads

Vital for businesses to capture business, interest and sales.

Changes will begin with Automobile and Hotel Advertising first, moving them more in-line with current Shopping Advertising.  Ads for these markets are soon to include scrolling images, links to dealers/agents, reviews, comparison data, availability and locations, within the Google search results.  The idea being to streamline the research process, to ease finding the right option. So you’ll be able to find a Hotel and book it from within Google pages.

Shopping Ads have already received a Google make over, with the inclusion of scrolling (carousel) images shown direct within the Google search results pages.  To give you an idea of the effectiveness, shopping on a mobile device has seen a 175% year-on-year growth.

2. Google Compare

‘Google Compare’ will be rolling out more financial decisions help over the coming year, starting in the US.  This will enable users to see ratings, recommendations and product comparisons for products such as mortgages, credit cards and insurance for example, again, remaining within Google pages.

3. Scales and Automation Improvements

Dynamic Search Ads (these don’t use key words but automatically show your ad based on the content of your website) are being completely re-designed.  Google crawls your website and categorises automatically, as well as suggesting costs per click for ads – clever.

Automated re-sizing will become standard, instead of selecting sizes the ads will automatically resolve to the right size, depending on the device they are being viewed on.

Automated bidding, Google will automatically optimise bids, this feature was enhanced in 2015.

4. More in-depth measurement

With new ad features and improvements, Google are creating more powerful measurement tools to give businesses and marketers new tracking data, enabling comparison between desktop and mobile traffic.  9 out of 10 tasks (such as making a purchase) are completed over multiple devices.  The search may start on mobile but the transaction completed on desktop.  Google Analytics Premium will track attribution (giving a value to each step of the conversion).  This is known as cross-device conversion tracking.

If you have anymore questions or queries about change, contact us.