Managing PPC After Covid-19

Top Tips for Managing PPC in the Wake of Covid-19

The next stage in the easing of lockdown is set to go ahead as planned in England on May 17, as figures show no new spikes in Covid-19 restriction rates following previous steps taken to ease the rules. At the same time, the UK’s vaccination programme continues to be successful.

Of course, the pandemic has changed life  for all of us in numerous, previously unimaginable ways. However, as we return to a different kind of ‘normal’, it could be a good moment to consider how your Pay-per-Click (PPC) and digital marketing campaigns will look as we learn to navigate a post-coronavirus world. Indeed, it’s actually more important than ever that these are on track to meet your targets.

Here, we look at some aspects you may wish to take into account, and offer some tips for plotting a way forward.

  • Take another look at your budget

It could be a sensible time to look again at your budgets. It may make sense to move funds into those services or products which are becoming more relevant as business reopen, or you may want to redirect budgets to your top-performing campaigns. Alternatively, consider adjusting settings from daily to monthly budgets to pace your campaign spend and save time.

  • They think it’s all over … but it isn’t

Bear in mind that many businesses and people are still recovering, physically and economically, and that the virus certainly hasn’t disappeared completely yet. Adjust your messaging and campaigns as things change, while remaining sensitive to the evolving situation.

  • Keep changing search behaviour in mind

It’s likely that people will continue to live large parts of their lives online. They will be continuing to consume news, video content and social media. So keep communicating about which of your services can be provided digitally. Highlight turnaround and delivery times, for example. You can also use ad extensions to stress perks such as free and fast delivery and the like.

Facebook is currently seeing reduced ad revenue with more interest in groups, messaging and so on, meaning reduced competition for advertisers. Equally, it may be a good time to look at platforms like YouTube and Pinterest to display ad extensions on the Google Display and Microsoft Audience networks.

Send potential customers the messages they want and need to hear as we all re-emerge and re-engage post-pandemic. Think about which of your products or services is likely to do well in this new climate. Lastly, it’s probably worth taking a fresh look at the keywords you use as you position your brand in this period of transition.

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