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Why use a PPC agency for your Google AdWords campaign?

Small businesses particularly are increasingly investing in Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, with 65% predicted to run a campaign this year. Many will run their Google AdWords campaigns in-house. Reminder on what is PPC.

But working with an established agency saves time and money, allowing you to focus on different marketing areas. You’ll also be making the most of all the features AdWords offers, therefore maximising the money you are spending on it.

Saving time

It takes time to establish a Google AdWords campaign, to write the adverts, create the campaign settings and research keywords. Once it’s been set up, there’s still work to be done monitoring, managing and running things. News ads need to be written and tested to boost Click Through Rate (CTR). Keyword quality scores need to be constantly enhanced, and keyword bids optimised; you’ll also need to keep an eye in what the competition is doing. If this is all new to you, it will take longer. Are you sure you can do all that in-house? Even if you can, remember the cost to your organisation of the hours your staff spend on PPC.

Saving money

Inefficient AdWords accounts haemorrhage up to 60% of their budget, through poor keyword choices, and wasting of funds on irrelevant keywords. Even with the right ones, settings can be wrong or the account poorly managed – and, in such cases, Google won’t alert you to this, unless you know what you’re doing.

Having poor keyword quality scores, and not tracking conversions, costs money, while efficient account management reduces your per click expenses and boosts quality scores.

Working with an agency aims to reduce what you need to spend on ads to get every new customer to the point where your customers are effectively paying for your marketing through extra sales.

Making the most of Google AdWords features

You may not be aware of all the Google AdWords features you could be using, but an agency will, and ensure your ads reach your target audience.

AdWords is changing all the time, with frequent updates and new features always being added. An agency makes it its business to understand and act on changes quickly to stay one step ahead of the game.

At Front Page Advantage, we’re specialists at PPC (and SEO) – we don’t do anything else. We manage AdWords accounts daily, using our knowledge and expertise to benefit our clients. When AdWords is updated, we know about changes quickly – and pass on promptly. We know what works, and how to achieve results quickly, especially with larger budgets.

As Google Partners, we belong to Google’s own programme for professionals running AdWords accounts. This guarantees our specialist knowledge, while meaning we have access to extra events, training and more, and can test new features before everyone else. We have to show we’re using best practice. It means Google trusts us, so you can, too.

Working as a Trusted Advisor, we manage many successful AdWords campaigns giving our customers the results they want. Talk to us today or take a look at our PPC Packages.