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Front Page Advantage Maximises Local Visibility for Western Cars Horsham

Western Cars and Taxi’s Horsham offer private hire transport in Horsham and East and West Sussex. Thanks to their brilliant location, they also offer London airport transfers, one of their many popular services. 


Thanks to their online booking platform, they offer a superior service to other nearby taxi companies. A strong digital presence is important for Western Cars Horsham as it aligns with its goal of making life easier for customers. In addition to their popular services, the taxi agency offers other benefits such as being fully licensed, always providing excellent customer service and offering a comfortable ride every time.

The Challenge: 

Western Cars wanted to start ranking for several ‘Horsham’ related keywords to be the top choice for customers in the local area. With many other businesses having the same plans, a strategic approach was required to make the desired impact. 

The aim of reaching customers via the website was also important as it offers the best way to book services. As well as including all contact information, the online booking form and links to download the app are available.


Furthermore, they wanted quality enquiries to improve as a result of the increase to website traffic.

Our Solution:

The Bronze Front Page Advantage SEO Package was selected for this project with a dedicated focus on SEO services. To ensure ranking with the chosen keywords, alternate link building and content writing were used as the technical tools to make an impact. This service also included monthly reporting, which meant everyone could be kept in the loop with performance and future goals.

The Results:

This task’s content and link-building approach paid off as keyword rankings and website visibility have improved. 


When the project kicked off in January 2023, Western Cars Horsham ranked for 35 keywords. As of September 2023, this total stood at 310 keywords, all related to the local area and customers as initially requested. This latest figure includes 19 results within the top 3 rankings and 16 SERP features. Most traffic was experienced in the 4-20 rankings at the start of the project, with 22 results in total. The latest scores include 71 keywords in this category, showcasing how much the rankings have improved.


Website visibility has improved due to the keyword rankings, which has resulted in more enquiries and increased business. Total impressions have increased from 5.85K in January 2023 to 27.4K in September 2023. 


Because of the success of this project, Front Page Advantage is also supporting some other regional domains for Western Cars, with a similar trend of results being experienced. The company is very pleased with the results and extra business the project has created.


In Summary:

Our work in the automotive sector is available for companies covering all services. Regarding taxis and private hire vehicles, ranking for the local keywords is essential as that is ultimately how business will be gained. By creating unique and focused content for Western Cars, we have improved visibility and rankings, which should continue to thrive due to the dynamic content.


Get in touch with us now to find out more about our specialist SEO services and how we can benefit your businesses online presence for the long term.

Western Cars Horsham SEO Case Study

Discover the long-term successes of an SEO campaign and how overall keyword rankings improved by a massive 785% and impressions by 368%