How to make the most of working with your PPC agency

Paid search – pay-per-click or PPC advertising (what is PPC) – plays a key role in many businesses’ digital marketing efforts, so it’s understandable that you will have invested a lot of time and energy in finding the right agency to work with in this area. Once you’ve done that, and started working with them, how do you get the most from an agency for the best results?

Clearly, in these strange times, it’s more important than ever that you do forge a strong working relationship. Here are a few tips:

  • Set some aims and objectives

It may sound obvious, but you need to define these together (and clearly) early on. Equally, it’s important that you assess why you want to do PPC marketing in the first place. Then you can decide which metrics to use to determine whether you’ve succeeded.

  • Agree a structure for reporting

Discuss how often your agency will report back on performance – and how they will track achievements against goals. Will this be weekly or monthly, for example? The agency may have a standard template, but over time that should become increasingly tailored to your specific needs.

Have clear lines of communication open from the outset.

  • Train them in your field

Any PPC agency, should, of course, know all about their digital marketing specialism. But they almost certainly aren’t experts in your field, so offer a clear overview of your business and how you work, alongside an introduction to any technical aspects of what you do which they may not understand. (This doesn’t have to be detailed, but the more your agency understands your business, the better.)

  • Collaborate

Work with your agency as much as possible when it comes to sharing data and, where appropriate, task ownership. You should also provide your agency with as much data and as many other insights as you can.

Finally, having trust and confidence in your agency is vital if both sides are to work together towards a common goal and the best results. Part of that depends on your being as open as possible about what you want from the relationship, and how you feel things are going once you get started.

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How we can help

We at Front Page Advantage have many years’ PPC experience across varied businesses, and always stay abreast of latest industry changes and developments. See here how PPC might work for your business. We pride ourselves on doing all of the above and more to forge strong, mutually beneficial working relationships with our clients based on trust, openness and clarity. 

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