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Invoice Finance Connect – Blog Article Writing

The Brief:

Like many business owners Dan knows that in order to engage with new customers and attract people to his website he needs new and regular content. BUT, and again like many business owners, he doesn’t have the time to sit down and write about all his expertise. One further challenge is also writing in a style that appeals to a non expert as many business owners get caught in the trap of assuming potential customers know more than they do. This is where our blog writing service comes in.

Our ex UK journalist writes Dan’s blog for him every month so he just has a quick review, then the content is ready for his website and social media channels. The great thing about having the content written by a journalist is that writing articles is their expertise not something they do on the side to try and attract customers. As with all our articles we produce 300-400 words articles unique to the customer and to be used as the customer sees fit.

This is the email in full we got back from Dan after his very first blog:

“I have to say how pleased I am about the article that has been written, it covers everything I wanted and then flowed through nicely to what I can do to help. I had visions about lots of toing and froing between us around amendments etc, but I have only made 2 changes”

As you can read, Dan had some worries about handing over content writing in terms of whether it would really save him time but hopefully from the above you can see it exceeded his expectations. We are also happy to make changes or refocus articles once written but that hasn’t been needed in this case.

One very good question that Dan also posted was:

“I do have 1 question though and please do not take offence by me asking, but I have been advised to ask from the guy who does my website, is the article (and all other articles you do for me) for me and me alone, i.e. will/can it be used for other business similar to mine?”

This was a great question and stems from the need for any content on your website to be yours and yours alone. To get the maximum SEO benefit Google needs to see this content as unique and originating from your website. Which of course is exactly what we provide.

This all sounds great but you have to spend time telling us what to write about? NO. We use our tools to see what people are searching in Google for your industry and what is driving traffic to your competitors. Based on this we come up with a plan of topics to write about which you merely need to approve so we can get writing. It really is that simple.

Blog writing is an essential part of any SEO campaign which is why it is included in all our SEO Packages.

If like Dan you want to hand over content population to an expert writer then you’ll find our service hits the mark.

Quotes from Dan Bowsher, Owner, Invoice Finance Connect

If you would like to chat with us to see if we can do the same for your Google Ads campaign then give us a call on 01256 517473 or use the contact form.

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“I have to say how pleased I am about the article that has been written”