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Are you a Web Designer looking to earn extra income from your clients?
Continue to make a profit after the completion of a website build by referring clients to us.

We pay 10% referral fees on any clients we sign up to our SEO and PPC packages for the time a client is with us.

On average our clients are with us for 5 years; meaning you could earn up to £4,000 if they sign up for our most popular SEO package and even more for PPC.

Earn extra money after your initial work is complete
We will contact you first if we spot a website issue
Your great website will get traffic post build meaning happier customers

The benefits…

Once the website is done or the hosting contract is signed, SEO and PPC are the natural next investments for your clients to get their new website found. Refer them to us and we’ll get the website ranking on Google while you earn a side income.

  • Happier clients as their new website is getting traffic.
  • Earn ongoing income every month from a partner that keeps their clients for 5 years on average.
  • Our team are all employed in the UK so support a fellow UK business.
  • If we find website build issues – we’ll contact you to fix it – helping you to save face with the client.
  • When you tender for a new customer who wants SEO you can use our transparent pricing packages.
  • We’re happy to only take on the SEO and leave you with the PPC or vice versa.
  • We want repeat referrals from you; so your relationship is just as important to us as the clients.

Focus on your core skills of web design and earn income from our core skills of SEO and PPC

As a family firm, we will treat your clients to our high standard of care, giving you the confidence that they will have a positive experience after your recommendation.

Wouldn’t it be nice to also have high traffic numbers next to your case study of website builds.

These are some of our direct clients which are mainly B2B.

A simple approach…

White labelling SEO is just hassle for web designers as you’re the go between and poor performance reflects on you so why not just hand the client to us and earn money off the back of our effort.

The problem of generating recurring income for web developers is a challenge unless you can sell maintenance contracts and for the less educated customer, the web designer gets blamed for no traffic to the site. You know that customers need to invest in getting their website traffic so referring to us gives you a clear answer for how your great looking website will serve its purpose of winning the client business. 

After you’ve referred a client to us we conduct a free SEO Health Check video and present the customer with the most suitable SEO or PPC package to meet their goals. If we find technical website issues as part of our SEO Health check we will contact you first so you can fix meaning it doesn’t get highlighted to the client. 

Typically, the first person a client speaks to is Chris, one of our business owners, who sells our services based on honest advice of SEO taking 3-6 months before it will have an impact and explaining our prices are based on the hours of effort from experienced people. We don’t do fake guarantees of “We will get you to page 1” which usually turn out to be for search terms no one is looking for. 

3 simple steps to referring a client

Fill In The Form

1. Send email introduction between client and us

They will be speaking to the business owner, Chris:

Approve Access

2. We discuss options with the client and send a proposal

We will also send you the proposal so you have full transparency on what is being discussed.

Check Inbox

3. We confirm to you when they’ve signed up

We’ll tell you how much to invoice us ongoing every month based on the 10% of our fee.

Your clients will love our service, prices and results so partner with a trustworthy winning team

Enjoy happier clients who get increasing traffic to a website you’ve designed

Earn recurring income after the build is complete

You’ll receive income for 5 years on average after the build is complete.

We don't offer web design so not a competitor

We only specialise in SEO and PPC so no threat to future web development work.

We win clients on trust and results

We don’t overpromise and underdeliver meaning no backlash for referring us.

As the client grows with us, your fee grows

As clients increase our hours or add SEO/PPC your referral fee will grow.

What other referral partners say…

We trust Chris and Lucy will treat our clients with respect and integrity which is why we send clients to them. We retain the website work and hosting so just have a nice side income which is growing nicely as we refer more work!

– Richard, (confidential web development and hosting company in Surrey)

Free SEO VIDEO Health Check…

If you’d like to see one of our free videos for your own website or have a potential client in mind just send us the url and we will create one for you.