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We partner with clients across a range of industry sectors, some of which we describe below

Technology SEO

Real Estate, Property, Employment, HR, Telecoms Software

We work with a number of national and global software companies which share similar characteristics in that they face high development costs for which they now need to generate significant online sales to return profits. Typically we work with marketing managers on the relevant piece of software to understand ourselves what the product does, the problem it solves and to explore the thought process a potential customer goes through in finding the product/service in question. Once we’ve fully understood the product and the potential client, we then craft a strategy using either (or both) SEO and PPC campaigns to attract the most relevant potential customers and generate the highest possible Return On Investment (ROI).  

Our current list of clients include those supplying:

  • Software for residential and commercial landlords across the UK, US, Europe and Australia
  • Facilities management software across the US and Europe
  • Identity and background checking software for a global client
  • Security software to prevent hacking for a global client
  • Payment management portals across the US
  • UK VOIP telecoms software

Professional Services SEO

Accountants, Lawyers, Psychologists, Therapists and Many More Professional Services.

These types of business offer a combination of location based services to attract clients near them, but are increasingly able to serve national or even international clients. Our goal is to work with their Directors or Marketing Managers to establish the best strategy to meet their brand awareness and/or lead generation goals. 

Sectors such as accountancy now use big software companies, enabling even the smallest business to manage all their accounting online, creating a wider pool of potential customers you can reach where ever you’re based. This creates many content opportunities for self help guides and advice on common problems with software, allowing you to capture email addresses or enquiries from frustrated smaller clients. By following thought processes like this, we help our professional service clients consider not just the service they offer, but how it links with other products/companies trading with the same client. 

By building strong working relationships with our clients, we’ve become nicely positioned to use both internal and external insights to build SEO and PPC campaigns that meet their goals. 

To attract local customers, a fully optimised Google My Business profile is key, but even more important is building in the Google review request to the customer journey to ensure reviews come in regularly, so that responsibility for sourcing them does not fall to a single person as an infrequent exercise.

Traditional Trades SEO

Landscaping, Construction, Decorators, Patios, Windows, Home Improvement, Plumbers, Electricians.

With these highly competitive sectors, it becomes crucial to stand out online when a potential customer is researching their project or frantically Googling for the more immediate problems. Using local search methods such as Google My Business is a top priority, as is having a website that appears when people are looking for reviews and examples of your work.  When potential customers are in the research phase, having content that aligns with what is being searched for is key to capturing that moment when a potential customer is ready to enquire about your services. 

Having your website optimised but also easy to navigate and logically set up is key to ensuring that, once the hard work of attracting a potential customer is done, you have the highest chance of capturing their details. Focusing on niches, customer pain points, speed of service and credibility certificates all become crucial deciding factors in a customer’s journey.

We partner with customers in these trades to translate what “they do” into what a potential online customer is looking for through in depth keyword research and relevant content while improving ranking authority from good quality links.

At time of writing, the specific trades we are working with include:

  • Landscapers
  • Electricians
  • Construction Firms
  • High-end wood Ccadding
  • Tree surgeons
  • Pest control

Marine SEO

Yacht Charters, Boat Storage, Yacht Adventure Holidays, Yacht Equipment, Boat Hire.

We’ve had the pleasure of researching all things marine! From Thailand yacht charter holidays to Southampton boat storage to yacht load sensors, we’ve covered it all. This sector is fascinating to work, since all those involved are hugely passionate about what they do, and it’s been infectious in inspiring us to do our very best to help our clients succeed.

These expensive toys require a lot of maintenance, hence the need to maximise charter company bookings or ensure potential customers are at ease in storing their prize possessions. As with all our clients, we start by gaining a full understanding of the business, the pain points or concerns of potential customers, and then build an SEO or PPC strategy to yield top quality enquiries/bookings.

As with any expensive asset industry the market is competitive, and so click costs in Google are at the high end, compared to other clients we work with, so every click needs to be given the best chance possible of converting into a sale, otherwise the click budget will quickly be spent. Our aim with all the sub-sectors in the marine industry is to ensure a good balance of both SEO and PPC customers. We aim to reduce reliance on PPC so that the customer increases their profit margins.

At time of writing the below are among the activity types of the marine clients we serve:

  • South coast of the UK boat storage
  • Thai island yacht hopping charters
  • South east of the UK boat experiences
  • Southampton yacht charters
  • Southampton sailing schools
  • Adventure sailing holidays

Healthcare SEO

Dentists, Private GPs, Nutritionists, Dental Implants

Working within these sectors often means we’re dealing with the professional whose time is better spent dealing with their own patients. We’re flexible about when we talk to these customers, which is usually outside of normal office hours, and we also make sure we extract the most important parts of their sector knowledge to translate into a SEO/PPC strategy, then run with it. These types of clients tend to like very simple reports showing specifically what in the campaign is working – and, just as important, what isn’t working. Contact tends to be infrequent, meaning we have to use our experience to focus on the lead data, unlike other clients, for whom we usually receive more qualitative feedback on the quality of the leads. The process works, though, as we have been working with these clients for a long time, proving our success. We don’t try to bamboozle these professionals with SEO and PPC jargon.

We are trusted partners, and often provide input in other aspects of marketing and sales processes since as these sorts of business rely heavily on their websites to generate awareness and leads. With our ability to see the behaviour of website visitors, we’re perfectly positioned to advise on opening hours, patient decision factors, areas of most interest, traffic magnets and call times.

These sectors tend to be location specific, so we also only work with one of these types of customers in a particular area, so that we’re not working with competitors. We believe that, ethically, this is the right thing to do.

Manufacturing & Engineering SEO

Load Sensors, Plastic Injection Moulding, Fibre Cabling, Engineering Sensors, Process Control Sensors.

These sectors are highly technical and, frankly, when we first take on these types of clients, we know nothing about the products and, in some cases even the existence of such a sector. These industries are a great example of the benefits of working with our highly educated team, who ask all the right questions to get a good enough understanding of the products to develop winning SEO and PPC strategies. We will never be experts in these very technical sectors ourselves so we have robust processes in place to make sure our ad text and content are correct before they go live. 

At time of writing we are working with the following types of companies:

  • A global load sensor business
  • A fibre cable company focused on the US, UK and Europe 
  • A global process control equipment company
  • An injection moulding company focusing on the UK
  • An oil and gas sensor global business

These clients tend to have, relatively speaking, a small number of potential customers who are dotted all over the globe, but who place big orders, so having accurate relevant content and ad text is crucial to winning these very knowledgeable customers.

Automotive SEO

Cars, Vans & Commercial Vehicles

We have worked with a wide range of different companies within the automotive industry using our digital marketing expertise to create successful SEO and PPC campaigns to boost sales.

Clients have included those operating in car body repairs, van hire and vehicle sales each with their own goals and objectives. But all require high quality leads from the right audience which will convert into quotes and ultimately into sales.

Google is often the first point of research for those looking to repair, hire or purchase a vehicle. People are usually  looking for a supplier able to fulfil their requirements quickly to keep them on the road. Using our experience of the automotive market, we can swiftly define an online marketing strategy and implement it to produce a successful campaign.

In addition to generating traffic and improving the online visibility of our automotive clients, we also focus on local search,  since many searchers are looking for a repairer or hirer in their local area. Some 86% of people look up the location of a business on Google Maps, while 92% of searchers will pick businesses on the first page of the local search results.

Our experience of running Pay Per Click campaigns enables us to generate instant traffic for specific products and services while promoting special offers and USPs to drive more conversions for our clients.

At Front Page Advantage, we have the automotive expertise and knowledge to put your brand ahead of your competitors with online marketing packages specifically for your products and services.

e-Commerce SEO & Online Retail SEO

e-Commerce & Online Shopping

E-commerce and online retail are rapidly growing market sectors mainly due to customers’ demanding buying habits and the need to have products fast. As the industry sector grows and diversifies, online retailers need to know how to take advantage of the many online opportunities to keep them one step ahead of competitors, increase sales and encourage customer loyalty.

Our portfolio of e-commerce clients range from seasonal campaigns for Christmas hampers through to building supplies and UK manufactured chalkboards.

It is expected that 18% of all UK retail purchases will occur online this year. But it is not just the checkout experience which needs to satisfy the demanding online consumer. It is predicted that 67% of shoppers check the Returns page before making a purchase, while 38% of people will leave a website if the layout or design is unattractive. So the whole website experience needs to feel good to an online consumer for them to complete their online transaction.

In the fast paced world of online sales more and more transactions are taking place via mobile devices, placing further demands on the online retailer. This increases the pressure to provide a fast, efficient and smooth mobile checkout experience. Those who fail in this area they will not be rewarded with customer loyalty, with users leaving that online store and quickly moving on to the next retailer able to provide the same products with a better service.

Our experience with e-commerce sites means we offer online retailers a complete online marketing strategy. This covers SEO alongside the Google Ads network incorporating the Google Search network in the form of text ads and Google Shopping – displaying individual product images and details depending upon the search query.

Online tracking enables all transactions to be traced back to traffic source, allowing Return On Investment (ROI)  to be calculated, so that our online advertisers maximise their online profits.

At Front Page Advantage, we have the online retailer expertise and knowledge to put your products ahead of your competitors’, with online marketing packages to maximise your online ROI.

Charities & Not for Profits SEO

Did you know there are grants for the charity sector?

We have worked with a number of charities and not for profit (NPO) organisations on their digital marketing. Most charities and NPOs are eligible for the Google Ad Grant programme, but many are unaware that this is available to them. We can help with this application process and manage the $10,000 a month ad spend to ensure that the performing campaigns are attracting donations and raising their online exposure.

Google Ad Grants is aimed specifically at charities and other organisations which don’t operate for profit. They provide £8,000 or $10,000, to go towards advertising on Google Ads. This is to support charities by promoting their websites, and messages or adding to their ranks of volunteers and supporters by targeting keywords via the Google search engine.

The monthly amount can be spent on targeting all kinds of Google searches. These can be  broad based searches such as ‘give to charity’, or something more specific such as ‘mental health charities’.

In the UK, criteria are as follows:

  • You must have an active, fully functional website giving significant information about your charity
  • You must be registered with valid charitable status
  • Schools, colleges and other academic institutions don’t qualify
  • You must agree to the terms and conditions of the Google Ads Grant scheme

A few things to remember:

  • Ads will be completely text based
  • They’ll only appear below the ads of paying advertisers on the search results pages
  • Campaigns must be keyword targeted
  • Maximum cost per click will be $2.00 USD
  • You must maintain an account click through rate (CTR) of at least 5%
  • Campaigns must have at least two ad groups containing a minimum of two ads.

If you don’t have time to manage your Google Ads account but want to make sure you’re not missing out, we at Front Page Advantage we can help you manage your campaigns for you. We can actively manage and optimise your campaigns regularly.

The process we go through in building any PPC or SEO campaign follows a similar approach, but the winning factor is in taking into account the practical application of how different industries target, convert and retain their customers.

Talk to us about how we can help your charity or not for profit to make the most of Google Ad Grants, freeing up time for you to focus on running your organisation.

Contact us on 01256 517473 or complete our enquiry form to find out how we can generate more sales for your business.