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Local SEO Services

Capture leads from those local searches in your area

Climb The Google rankings
Get more sales from your website
Know what you are getting for your money

Local SEO benefits…

If you are a local business trying to win clients close to your base, then Local SEO will help you reach those ideal customers. With a targeted approach to focus on local customers you’ll gain increased exposure on Google and complement your other marketing efforts.

Seeing a sign on your van or advertising boards or local newspaper in your area is great but when potential customers search for “your service near me” then you need our local SEO service to ensure you appear in the local search results

  • Appear above your local competition
  • Get phone calls from customers without them needing to visit your website
  • Get leads from customers that don’t yet know you exist
  • Receive clear insights on how many calls, enquiries and website visits you get
  • Have a trusted partner to advise on the best way to get Google reviews

Win Those Local Searches In Your Area

With over 80% of people now using their mobile phone to search on Google before buying a local service, you need to take full advantage of all the Google local search tools. We’ve developed our local SEO service successfully over the past 15 years serving plumbers, electricians, accountants, lawyers and landscapers to win more customers near you.

As part of our local SEO service we provide full insights on how many calls, enquiries and emails you are getting as a result of our work, meaning you can track the number of enquiries for the investment you are making. No need to keep track of “how did you find us” as our data will show where all your enquiries came from.

Having a local affinity with a potential customer gives you a greater chance of winning their business as naturally customers wanted to support local businesses. Many of our clients get the majority of their new enquiries from the results of our local SEO work.

We are family run and have built our business on long standing relationships which is why our average customer stays with us for 5 years proving we consistenly deliver great results in a sustainable way

Our UK people are highly trained and well looked after meaning your account manager is interested in your goals and won’t change every few months.

Our Clients

Our average customer is with us for 5 years and on a 30 day notice cancellation contract.

A simple approach…

You want your website to get more visits to earn more sales or receive more leads. Our packages are designed to do exactly that and built to cater for different marketing investment levels.

Our work starts by listening to where you currently get your business from and understanding why your website might need our help. We then use our experience to recommned a package or an alternate supplier that can deliver your goals for the investment you’re willing to make.
We formulate a stategy based on keywords to focus your website on, then once agreed, we get onwith implementing, keeping you fully updated along the way.
SEO is a small part of the many tasks a business owner or marketing manager has to deal with so we keep our conversations focussed on actions and results to ensure you can measure what you are getting for your marketing budget. Our experince is that overtime our clients require less and less contact as they can see the results of increased website sales/leads for themselves.

3 Steps to get more business from your website

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1. Request one of our free 10 minute SEO Health Check videos based on your website

We’ll show you how much traffic you are getting. Which keywords you are ranking for in Google. How many people are searching for these terms. Finally, what can be done to improve your rankings.

Approve Access

2. Based on the video findings, we’ll suggest one of our packages for you to consider

We take into account the state of the website and overall opportunity areas to suggest which package would best suit you or suggest another supplier if we can’t help.

Check Inbox

3. Once signed up, we do a full audit and agree a plan of work to get more sales/leads

The full audit reviews your SEO fundamentals, the keywords we would focus on and where your competitors are winning. We then agree a plan and get you climbing the Google rankings so you can win more relevant traffic and sales.

Our priority is getting your more sales or leads from your website and will be the priority regardles of challenges with web developers, competitors or budget constrains.

You will always know what we are working on and easily see the value we are, or are not, bringing to see whether you are getting a return for your spend

All your sales/enquiries will be tracked

We ensure all the actions on your website are tracked to prove where results are coming from

You will climb the Google rankings

The above it not enough though, you need to be climbing for the right keywords

You'll not be tied into a long contract

Our contracts are only an initial 3 months then 30 days, to ensure success is the reason to worth together

You'll work with our UK employed

Our account managers are all UK based and employed directly by us so no outsourcing

What our clients say…

What you get…

All of packages include a dedicated contact person, clear reporting on what has been done and what will be done plus all the below.

  • Technical SEO work across your total website
  • Fresh new content based on what your customers are searching in google for bespoke to your website
  • New external website links to prove your credibility to Google
  • Google Analytics set up correctly to track traffic and see where sales or leads are coming from
  • Google position ranking trend data on the specific keywords we are focussing on to prove the plan is working
  • Clear number of hours that the team are working each month on your website

You’ll get all the above plus the confidence that an expert is working on your SEO to climb the Google rankings.

Request your SEO Health Check Video to get started…

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