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Do you know where all your website traffic comes from?

How about a free report in your inbox each month with easy to understand website traffic insights?

Use the information to decide whether to spend your time with Facebook, Twitter, Google Ads, SEO, Linkedin, Email Marketing, Sponsorships etc

Identify which sources of website traffic works best
Focus your time/money on the best traffic sources
See the results of your effort in the next report

The benefits…

No more logging into Google Analytics getting bamboozled with menus, abbreviations and data that doesn’t make sense.

  • No need to keep track of those Google searches to see where your website appears
  • No more Googling the abbreviations to understand
  • No more doom scrolling through the data with no outcomes
  • Find out whether all those social media posts are worth it
  • Easily see which services your customers look at on your site
  • No more forgetting/resetting that Google Analytics password

Start focussing your online activities on actions that work

Take back control of your time/money in trying to market your business everywhere online and see what is actually working for you.

Google Analytics can be confusing when you don’t use it regularly.

Our reports have benefited leading UK companies

A simple approach…

Get easy to understand website traffic insights straight to your email inbox.

We’ve used our many years of website traffic analysis to build a free insightful report showing you where your traffic is coming from. Armed with this information you decide which of your marketing efforts works the best. Lots of business owners spend hours of their own time (and their teams time) getting pictures for social media and stressing over what can be included in the latest email marketing campaign but cut through the noise of the to do list, and actually see what is driving your business sales. Then stop the other stuff and do more of what works.

3 simple steps to getting your free report

Fill In The Form

1. Fill in the form below

We need minimal details from you and crucially no payment card or account creation

Approve Access

2. Approve our access

You’ll get an email from Google approving our access to your Google Analytics accounts

Check Inbox

3. Check your email for your first report

We will send through your first monthly report with your easy to understand website traffic summary 

We guarantee you’ll find our report useful or we’ll make changes until it is useful

Enjoy clear, insightful, easy to access information to drive your marketing forward

No more logging into Google Analytics needed

Our simple process means no more getting lost in Google Analytics

Website traffic insight at your finger tips

No need for additional apps/software, just check your email for the last report

No contract, no account, no logging in

Enjoy our free tool with no tie in or commitment from you. Stop anytime

Track actions on your website

We can ensure you are tracking enquiry form, phone number, or link clicks

What our clients say…

The report was very easy to understand and super helpful, great service!

– Mel, British School Of Osteopathy

What you get…

You get all of the following so you can focus your marketing efforts on what actually works.

  • Free website traffic report emailed to you every month
  • See where your website ranks in Google for different search terms
  • No contract, no payment details, no commitment
  • Team on hand to resolve any data issues
  • We can set up your data to track clicks on phone numbers, email links, buttons, enquiry forms etc
  • Latest Google updates reflected in your report

Start today…

Just fill in the below and then approve the email from Google granting us access to your Google Analytics account.

Free SEO VIDEO Health Check…

Request one of our free video health check videos so you can see what is working well on your site and the areas for improvement to boost your Google rankings.