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Get Instant Traffic To Your Website

If you need traffic/potential customers to visit your website now and don’t mind paying for clicks to your site then Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is for you.
We will work with you to suggest the right platform (Google/Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn) to target your Pay Per Click campaign. Depending on what you sell and who you are targeting then specific platforms will be more suitable than others.

After learning about your business, your competitors and typical customer sales journeys, we will build a PPC campaign with associated adverts ready for you to review before we hit the GO button.

After going live, we monitor your campaign daily to ensure that we are maximising the sales/enquiries for the lowest possible cost. We produce a monthly report with commentary on what has been done in the month and what will be done the next month.

Your dedicated account manager will be on hand to answer any questions and explain the recommendations we are making.

The typical first few months are as follows:

Month 1
Learning about your business, customers, locations, competitors then turning all this into a campaign Strategy.
Once you approve the strategy, we build the campaign for you to review.
When you are happy with the Ads then we hit the go live button to start delivering enquiries/sales to your site.
Throughout the month we will monitor the campaign performance, adjusting as we progress to maximise sales/enquiries and minimise cost. We also make sure that what we are seeing in terms of sales/enquiries from our data is the same as what you are receiving from potential customers.
Produce your first monthly report showing performance, what has worked well and what we will do to improve in the coming months.

Month 2
Implement the recommendations for the previous month.
Discuss any changes in competitor behaviours we have noticed that impact the campaign and we also like to hear from you about anything being seen on the ground that your competitors are doing differently.
We test different ads showing in different locations, times of day, types of ads, devices and other more softer messaging changes to optimise the campaign.
Produce your second monthly report, again showing what is working well, what hasn’t worked and what we plan to do in the following month.
Discuss with you to see the quality of the sales/enquiries that coming through so we can further optimise the campaign to deliver higher converting enquiries or bigger spending customers.

Month 3
This is the last month of our initial 3 month contract and through this month we do the same as in month 2 but with a view as to proving whether the chosen strategy is working.
If the campaign is working well then we continue on the same iterative process of improving performance each month and discuss with you the potential of increasing (or decreasing/rebalancing) the spend with the chosen platform to maximise your number of sales/enquiries.
If the campaign is not working, we have an honest discussion about why we believe the strategy hasn’t worked and either end the service or come up with a new strategy. PPC is not a strategy that works for every industry and until starting you won’t know. We do have good experience in which industries are likely to be more difficult and will discuss that before working together.

Month 4 onwards
We will continue to regularly optimise the campaign as the competitive landscape changes and build in any extra service/product features that you introduce to ensure the message has maximum exposure.
Google/Bing/Facebook/LinkedIn are constantly changing the tools they give advertisers so we stay up to speed with these to ensure your campaign is using the latest possible technology including many of the machine learning the platforms now offer.

We are flexible with communications methods, some clients chose to purely deal on email. Others chose regular Zoom calls and where possible we also conduct physical meetings as always nice to properly meet your account manager.

Our account managers have all been with us in excess of 5 years and are all UK based permanent employees with no outsourcing or frequent changes so you will build up a great relationship with your account manager who will endeavour to become an extension of your marketing team.

Click the button below to reach out to us and start a conversation about whether this service can work for you.