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Modern Mould Associates – Google Ads Campaign

The Brief:

On our first face to face meeting with Steve at Modern Moulds it was apparent they wanted to work with an agency that would take into account the type of client they were looking for and not blindly deliver leads. Interestingly, Modern Moulds had considered working with Yell but thought the service offered was just too generic for their needs. We sat down at their premises and discussed the full sales process, types of products manufactured, new product tooling and where current sales prospects came from.

After the initial meeting we went away to do our homework on which platform would work best and what sort of budget would suit their needs. Following our research of the typical cost of clicks we went back to the client with a recommended spend and the areas we suggested to target.

Based on this discussion we made recommendations for the channel to use and a budget, with the focus being on a small number of very high quality enquiries so their sales funnel didn’t get bogged down with prospects that wouldn’t deliver or in laymen terms “time wasters”. In order to maximise the ability for a pay per click campaign to work we also suggested some initial changes to the website to enhance the ability for both PPC enquiries to convert but also boost their SEO traffic.

Next stage was to build the campaign and ensure through a combination of demographics, keywords and carefully written Ad text, that we delivered the small number of very good quality leads whilst at the same time stopping the “time wasters“ from taking up valuable sales team time.

Some of our clients like regular weekly feedback and others trust us to get on with it and measure based on success. Modern Moulds fall into the latter category and at the time of writing they have been a client for 10 months and very pleased with the work we have done….. in fact too please, see later.

The Results:

Putting the words into some numbers, over 10 months of the PPC campaign the client has spent approx. £6k including the agency fee and generated over £50k of new business in that time frame which will likely lead even more business due to ongoing orders from those clients without any additional PPC spend.

At the time of writing, the client has even asked us to pause the Google Ad spend because they have reach capacity in their existing manufacturing plants. Unlike some agencies, at this point we stop charging the client which isn’t great for our short term revenue but is a good example the impact we can have on a business plus when capacity comes available we will deliver some more great clients. What is also important to note is that all of our clients own the Google Ad campaigns we build which was two benefits for the client 1) they can see the difference between Google Spend v Agency Spend 2) if they decide to pause a campaign or even move agencies, they can do so themselves as the account is theirs to do with as they wish.


Perhaps best to conclude this case study with a quote from the client at the time they asked the account to be paused.

We have just completed a nice job from an Adwords generated customer called All Green which was a £4950 tool and the first order of £800 of mouldings.  The mouldings stick to a lid of recycling bins/caddies and hold a scented/carbon filter. It should hopefully be repeat work.

We have also just been given instruction to proceed and are just invoicing another new project (also Adwords generated) with a £35k tool and moulding value TBC on a project still going through patent protection. “

Steve Whiles, Production Director, Modern Mould Associates Ltd

So if like Modern Moulds you would like to see how Pay Per Click using Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook or LinkedIn then get in contact with us for a free chat with one of our Directors.

If you would like to chat with us to see if we can do the same for your Google Ads campaign then give us a call on 01256 517473 or use the contact form.


£60k of Extra Business 
From £6k Of PPC Work!