Why SEO Is Hassle-Free

6 Reasons Why SEO Online Training Is Hassle-Free

Booking a programme of online Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) training may seem a big or complicated undertaking initially, but here we outline some reasons why it really doesn’t have to be. What’s more, learning some of this discipline’s basics yourself can bring a number of advantages, not least of which is giving you an edge on the competition.

  • Grasping the essentials

SEO online training will allow you to understand some essential, simpler tasks which your competitors may not be accomplished in. (These may be things which you can’t afford to pay an agency to do, or which don’t really seem worth paying a fee for; either way, it’s certainly cheaper to do yourself.)

  • Not just a pretty face

Many organisations, when creating their websites, tend to concentrate on making them look smart or whizzy, rather than focusing on the technicalities of SEO. So anything at all you can manage to do yourself is pretty much guaranteed to push you ahead of the competition.

  • SEO in mind from the outset

Having a grasp of some straightforward SEO basics gives you sound building blocks as you continue to develop your business’s website. Clearly, high-quality content, including web pages and blogs, need to be added regularly if you are to remain high in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). After your online training, you will be able to apply the principles you’ve learnt to all new pages, with SEO constantly front of mind.

  • Pass it on….

SEO online training is even better value if you pass it on to others. Share your learning with a colleague, employee, business partner, or even a family member, so they benefit as well. You could even pass on what you’ve gleaned at informal group sessions at your business, so that several people can learn at once.

  • …But it’s not about passing an exam

Our SEO online training isn’t about passing an exam or other kind of test; that’s not the reason people sign up for our courses. It isn’t about having a piece of paper or gaining a new qualification. We believe that, unless you are going for a new job, simply passing so you can tick a box isn’t really important. We like those who train with us to focus on learning and acquiring knowledge instead.

  • Give it time

SEO is typically a medium-term strategy. Usually, it takes between three and six months to have an impact on traffic and sales. So training makes an excellent starting point, but you really shouldn’t worry if you don’t enjoy overnight success. Track your progress over several months.

Finally, if it turns out that you are spending more time on training in SEO, or implementing it, than running your business, it could well be time to consider hiring an agency to take care of it all, freeing you up to focus on what you do best.

Training from Front Page Advantage

Front Page Advantage has extensive experience of training different sizes and types of organisation in Search Engine Optimisation. We have the tools, staff and expertise to help you to help yourself in pushing your brand to the top of the SERPs.

Get in touch today to enquire about our one-to-one SEO training sessions via Zoom. Book a session online at a time that suits you and start to feel the benefits of structured, clear training that’s designed for you and no one else. Then, once you have gone as far as you can in basic SEO, consider talking to us about using our agency function to handle your digital marketing.