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Bronze SEO Package

Our Affordable SEO Package To Get More Free Traffic To Your Website

If you want to invest in your website so that it generates traffic from the search engines without having to pay for every click, then Search Engine Optimisation is for you. It requires making technical changes to your website to make it more likely to appear in the search engine results for keywords that you want to rank for, which means more visitors, with a goal of more sales/enquiries. With our Bronze SEO Package we build a strategy based on the keywords you want to rank for whilst also benchmarking against your competitors to ensure you are not losing out to those national and local competitors.

After learning about your business, your competitors and typical customer sales journeys, we work on your website to ensure search engines show your website as high up in the results as possible, with compelling text to attract the right visitors to your website. With more than 82% of smart phone users now conducting “near me” searches in Google its imperative that you appear when these people are close to your business. We ensure that your Google My Business listing (the bit on the right when you do a search in Google) is optimised to ensure you are coming as high up in the results as possible for these local potential customers.

There are important technical aspects of your website that users are likely to never see which need to be optimised for the right keywords. Further, having links from 3rd party reputable websites to your website, will increase your websites authority in Googles eyes. These are parts of SEO that a potential customer will not see but crucial if you want to rank higher in Google and win a potential customers click.

To help you on your way to creating engaging content for your customers, we produce one blog per month of 300 – 400 words written by an ex UK Journalist. Having engaging content helps with keeping people on your website and also attracting them to your site as these blogs can be used on social media plus focus on topics potential customers are searching for help on in Google. Through our SEO work we will know what people are searching for thus can suggest topics that the blogs should be written on to make it stress free for you. If you’d prefer your inhouse team to write the content we can simply suggest content titles to be written about.

We produce monthly reports to explain the traffic and ranking results that are being achieved so you can see what ou are getting for your investment but remember that SEO is not a quick fix and can take 3 – 6 months before seeing substantial results. Your dedicated account manager will be on hand to answer any questions and explain the recommendations we are making. The typical first few months are as follows:

Month 1

Learning about your business, including your customers, locations, competitors and then turning all this into a SEO Strategy. Once you approve the strategy, we complete a full technical audit of your website including current keyword ranking results, traffic levels, competitor’s activity and competitor keyword ranking results. We then audit the quality of external links to your site as well as assessing how quickly your website loads on both desktop and mobile devices.

A full review of your Google Analytics account is conducted to ensure that this is tracking correctly and goals are set up to track email clicks/call clicks/enquiry forms/demos etc. We then take you through the results of the audit as this provides the foundation for the work that will need completing in the months ahead.

Month 2

This is where we begin to work through the comprehensive recommendations generated from the audit in Month 1. Looking carefully at your ‘money pages’ to make sure that your desired keywords are included within the page structure and the text.

Title tags and meta descriptions are crafted and implemented so the search engines can begin to see the search terms which you want to rank for. We track these terms in our ranking tool so you can see improvements in the search engine results over time and as the strategy begins to take effect. A Google My Business review is conducted to ensure that you are making the best use of this free Google resource for those local searches.

Month 3

It is important that we measure and monitor your SEO campaign every month. We are able to do this through a combination of your Google Analytics and also a number of other tools to track progress and success. This enables us to identify areas which require additional work to reach those all important first page positions. This could be in the form of a carefully constructed blog post to support your service/product pages or introducing new content on existing pages or addressing site-wide issues like https errors or site speed issues or researching a new competitor which has entered the marketplace.

Google regularly makes changes to their algorithm which dictate the search engine results or the Google My Business map listings. As part of any ongoing work we are consistently reviewing these and implementing changes to improve your search engine exposure.