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Silver SEO Package

Substantially Increase The Free
Traffic To Your Website

As detailed in our Bronze package, if you want free traffic from Search Engines then SEO is the route to go down. We make technical changes to your website as well as introducing new relevant content, combined with local search enhancements to substantially increase your traffic, but most importantly the enquiries/sales coming from your website. If your budget is limited then the Bronze package is for you but if you want to touch all bases on content, technical SEO changes, user navigation improvements and increase the external website links to your site, then read on for our Silver SEO package details.

We spend the time with you, and if necessary your team, to learn about your business, your competitors and typical customer sales journeys. Armed with this information we work on your website to ensure the results the search engines show for your website are ranked as high as possible, with compelling text to attract the right visitors to your website. Remember you want quality traffic from visitors that are likely to buy not just generic traffic that falls in the passive browser category.

If you are an international or national business its easy to only focus on the broad picture but there is often low hanging fruit within a close radius to your HQ or satellite locations so with 82% of smart phone users now conducting “near me” searches we make sure your Google My Business listing is set up to capture those potential customers.

Getting your website to rank higher is a multifaceted approach and that’s why with the Silver SEO package we generate 2 blogs every month written by our ex UK journalist to give easy to read content to boost search engine rankings for the topics at hand, but also to give you content to share on your social channels or even to populate on your newsletter. Our clients have found that although they know their subjects very well, finding the time, motivation and correct writing style for a 300-400 word article is a struggle so let us take the hassle away. We come up with the topics based on what people are searching for in Google plus looking at what your competitors are writing about. If you have people internally writing your copy then we can simply provide the content titles and ‘SEO’ the content once the article is written.

With our Silver SEO package we can tailor our reports to meet your specific needs so that you can onward share with your management team plus get real insights into the benefits of the work we are conducting. We can report on whatever time horizon you like and happy to share examples our standard reporting framework before you sign up. Your dedicated account manager will take you through the SEO progress on a monthly call and will be on hand throughout the month for anything that may arise. The typical first few months are as follows:

Month 1

Learning about your business, including your customers, locations, competitors and then turning all this into a SEO Strategy. Once you approve the strategy, we complete a full technical audit of your website including current keyword ranking results, traffic levels, competitor’s activity and competitor keyword ranking results. We audit your existing 3rd part website link profile adn assess more technical ranking factors such a website load speeds and security certification.
A full review of your Google Analytics account is conducted to ensure that this is tracking correctly and goals are set up to track calls/email/enquiries/sales/demo requests etc. We then take you through the results of the audit as this provides the foundation for the work that will need completing in the months ahead.
We share your monthly report and make additions/changes to meet your requirements plus talk through any regular reports that are required so you have your finger on the pulse with the improvements in traffic. As an example, if you run an Advert in an online publication and want to know how many visitors you get from that publication we can set up a daily or weekly automated report.
If time allows, we also get started on implementing the strategy so we can have the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time.

Month 2

This is typically where we begin to work through the comprehensive recommendations generated from the audit in Month 1. Looking carefully at your ‘money pages’ to make sure that your desired keywords are included within the page structure and the text.
Title tags and meta descriptions are crafted and implemented so the search engines can begin to see the search terms which you want to rank for. We track these terms in our ranking tool so you can see improvements in the search engine results over time and as the strategy begins to take effect. A Google My Business review is conducted to ensure that you are making the best use of this free Google resource for local website traffic.
We go through our blog title suggestions along with any of your specific requests so we can complete the first articles for publication on the website plus discuss the best methods of sharing on social channels, if appropriate.
Increasing the good quality links to your website will also start to bear fruit and we also start to prune out any links that you have already which may be of a low quality and dragging down your search engine rankings.

Month 3

By now we will have a good understanding of your business and we will have jointly carved out the areas that need the most attention. We continually measure and monitor your SEO campaign every month to ensure we are achieving traffic growth and getting enquiry increase enquiries. We use Google Analytics and a number of other tools to track progress and successes so we can replicate what is working well or change focus for areas not delivering.
Google regularly makes changes to their algorithm which dictate the search engine results or the Google My Business map listings. As part of any ongoing work we are consistently reviewing your rankings and implementing changes to improve your search engine exposure.
From this month onwards we continue to go through the website and implement changes in line with the original strategy plus taking into account any new industry changes, new products or new service developments that are ongoing within your business.