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The Benefits of a Branded PPC Campaign

Anyone responsible for managing a Pay Per Click (PPC) account always has an eye out for a ‘secret’, performance-enhancing weapon. One tool that could be seriously effective is bidding on your own branded terms.

Here, we take a look at what that means, and how a branded PPC campaign could benefit your organisation. Remind yourself what is PPC.

What is it?

It’s one of those things that are bandied around fairly regularly, but if you don’t know what it means, it’s essentially a campaign using keywords to include your own company’s name alongside other brand elements.

Clearly, at first glance that may seem completely counter-intuitive, given that you’re probably reckoning on ranking pretty highly for those things organically already anyway.

Yet bidding on not just your company name but also particular products or even your URL could do more for your quality score and click-through rates than you realised, and have a significant positive impact on your brand.

Here are some of the benefits to listing your business in the paid search listings via a branded PPC campaign:

  • Cost-effective

A branded PPC campaign is a cheap way of getting online traffic. Since others are unlikely to want to bid on your brand terms, these are inexpensive to start off with, potentially costing just pennies per click. (However, if someone is competing against you, buying your own branded terms is the best way to fight back.) And because they’re so relevant, you’ll rate well and quickly in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) so it’s almost certainly good value and money well spent.

  • Stay in control

You can craft your brand messaging to have maximum input and encourage searchers to visit your website, sending them to the highest-converting web pages.

  • Speed up decisions from prospective customers

If people are looking for you via your brand name, they’re already familiar to some extent with what you do, so are already in the ‘sales cycle’. With a branded PPC campaign, you can send them to a targeted landing page and accelerate the process of converting prospects into paying customers.

  • Testing, testing

Whether you’re trying out a new brand message or launching fresh products or services, a branded campaign can help seize attention. If the message is new, you can trial it cheaply to see if it works. And because these campaigns are speedier than the organic equivalent, you’ll get your new launches in front of your target audience at a time when they’re still exciting.

  • Damage limitation

We sincerely hope this never happens to you. But if you do happen to be the target of negative press coverage, branded PPC ads can help push that further down the search listings. Likewise, if for any reason you’ve been penalised by one of the search engines, a campaign helps you hang on to search traffic until you’ve recovered.

Here to help

Clearly, a branded PPC campaign may not work for every business, and a lot will depend on your particular goals and what you’re trying to achieve. (And, actually, now could be a good time to consider your precise aims for your digital marketing.)

However, done effectively, working in this way could yield dramatic returns. Learn more about what PPC packages we can offer to do all the above for you.

At Front Page, we’re happy to talk through branded campaigns and whether the idea would be suitable for you. Chat to us today to start the ball rolling.