Using AI for SEO tasks

How to use AI to your Advantage for SEO Tasks 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is that of machines or software rather than people or animals. It’s the ability of a machine to conduct cognitive functions typically associated with human thought. And it’s a concept which has rarely been far from the headlines in recent years.

Now it’s starting to make its presence felt in the content marketing world, with generative AI capable of generating text, images, or other media by using neural networks to analyse existing data patterns and create fresh, unique content. So, if you’re wondering whether you can use it to conjure up high-quality, attention-grabbing online content which ranks well with the major search engines, and if so, how best to go about it, you’re not alone.

How Big and Diverse is AI?

Indeed, it’s a huge business, with the market for AI in marketing forecast to reach $107.5bn by 2028. Another figure (from Statista) has it that 73% of marketers in the US said their organisations had made use of generative AI tools including chatbots.

From social media posts and blogs to marketing emails, AI models are able to create draft content which humans can then check and refine. The key advantage, of course, is that this way you can produce content of a high standard at speed.

At the same time, you can build powerful narratives, streamline content production, enhance creativity, tailor your messages to target individual audiences and drive conversion and engagement while completing intuitive marketing campaigns.

Equally, with AI models such as ChatGPT you can start to overcome many of the challenges of content creation, including time and resource limitations, plus the need to personalise content to particular audiences.

The trick is to optimise AI to your best advantage while at the same time, being careful to stay clear of the common pitfalls of using artificial intelligence.

One such pitfall, for example, could be your audience’s attitudes towards content marketing that’s AI-generated. In one 2023 UK survey published by Statista, almost three quarters (72.5%) of respondents said they believed brands should always disclose their use of AI-created content, with 40% of the 72.5% strongly agreeing with this statement.

What can you use AI to do?

There are lots of ways you can use generative AI models like ChatGPT to help with your SEO, PPC, or general marketing efforts, including for example:

  • Brainstorming and coming up with ideas e.g., blog / content ideas.
  • Production of draft content which you can then edit e.g., meta descriptions / content drafts.
  • Generative AI can even offer suggestions for how you can enhance existing content, from email subject lines to advert copy.
  • Creating high-quality visuals as well as text.
  • Tailoring content to individual behaviours and preferences e.g., to target specific audiences with specific intent.

Tips for making the most of AI                                                                                

  • Analyse performance for the best-quality content: Use conversion rates, engagement metrics, reader comments and the like to assess performance of your AI-generated content.
  • Strike the right balance with human input: AI content is perhaps best used as a starting point – include some human input to ensure the result is in keeping with the core ethos of your brand, and that there is the right appeal to your target market. To be used as an assistant.
  • Legal and ethical compliance: That includes having the right data protection processes in place, being open about how you have used AI to avoid copyright infringement and only using licensed or original content. You could also consider having a disclaimer in place for AI-generated content.

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