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How To Win Local Customers Using Google

How can I use Google My Business to win customers near me?

If you’re a smaller business that operates specifically across a particular area, digital marketing needs laser-precision targeting, so that you attract customers near you who may not otherwise be aware of what you do. In a globally connected world, it can be easy to forget that those living within a 10-mile radius of you are quite possibly your best potential customers. And, particularly in the light of the pandemic, people may well be feeling disposed to supporting those offering goods and services near them.

More of us are looking online for services near us than ever, not least because of coronavirus and the associated potential difficulties of travelling long distances – there has been a huge spike in ‘near me’ searches. The good news is that for a smaller company, investing in your local Google presence doesn’t mean competing with larger organisations in the same way as it does for the main organic listings. Nor does it have to be expensive.

Equally, it’s worth noting that more than three quarters (80%) of local searches will lead to a conversion. So if you’re existing strategy for your area isn’t working, you probably need to adjust your approach.

What is Google My Business?

This is a user-friendly, no-charge tool which businesses can use to manage their presence online across Google, including Search and Maps, and it can help your organisation to be found. It’s what would help someone find you if, for example, they typed ‘Italian restaurant near me’ into their mobile phone.

How Google determines local ranking

Google ranks local results based on a number of factors, including relevance, distance and prominence. But these are combined, so that, for example, a business further away from where the searcher is actually more likely to have what they need than one which is nearer.

As ever, there’s no magic answer, since the actual algorithm for local search is Google’s closely guarded secret. However, there are things you can do, especially if you find that your own business is not showing up for relevant searches in your locality:

  • Include all requested data in full

If your information is complete and accurate, it’s much more likely to display for relevant searches. You’ll also need to update it as things change. That includes things like full address and phone number, business category and so on.

  • Verify your location

Confirmed business locations show exactly where you are, so that Google can use in local Search and Map results.

  • Update your hours

Your opening and closing times clearly need to be current and accurate. If your hours have changed given coronavirus, update accordingly. Do the same for holidays and special events.

  • Upload an image

Photos help highlight what you do, so add them to your business profile and showcase what you offer.

How we can help

Here at Front Page Advantage, we fully appreciate the importance of local search to local businesses, and we know it’s an area of marketing that’s often overlooked. We’ve helped many organisations to raise their profiles in their areas via Google My Business, and we could help yours, too, wherever in the UK (or indeed anywhere else) you’re based.

Get in touch today to learn more, especially if you feel your current local digital marketing strategy isn’t yielding the results you need.