One simple solution to engage with your audience in 2013

Social media just made online surveys much more enticing….

  • 52% of marketers say the ability to target and personalise content is fundamental to their 2013 online strategy
  • ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ are essential but influence and sharing are more powerful and important to the future, in terms of staying ahead and in tune with your supporters
  • online surveys are nothing new, but considering over 31% of all people accessing the internet do so on a mobile device, are we missing a trick to reutilise simple polls and bring them into a social media context?
  • Launching an online interaction helps you connect and engage with your online community, sharing results across social media platforms


Invite interaction, interest and start engaging

With more than 31% of all people accessing the internet from a mobile device, a poll is one of the simplest interactive responses they can perform.  A poll takes seconds, so users think ‘why not?’

For example: “Which chocolate would you prefer in our next range?…mint cream or chocolate truffle?”  One simple click=engagement, once involved they are more likely to be interested in the results from others and you have your hook.

With trends heading to dynamic websites with live updates to show what people are viewing most or talking about this week, poll results can be utilised on all social media platforms and updated on websites.  Resulting in a cost effective simple interaction which creates dialogue and shows followers current trends.

A simple survey for quantitative results

Surveys have been popular for quite some time, for example, 12+million use SurveyMonkey as a tool to collect vital feedback and data.  What’s new is the scope created by social media, with survey apps now being available and the options to add ‘share’ at the end of a survey or even a tweet, the conversation reach becomes much more dynamic and appealing.

Google have launched new consumer surveys, others – Zoomerang, Survey Gizmo have been well tried and tested.  Creating a more detailed set of questions you can capture sentiment, feedback and valuable opinions on products, brands and services and quite often a simple poll is free.

Results from targeted questions can prove vital in terms of future strategy and decision making – which products to develop, customer preferences in terms of services and options.

By gathering information about the people who subscribe to your enewsletter, follow you on Twitter or ‘Like’ you on Facebook you can understand who it is that follows your business across all social platforms.

Nurture your online community

According to the Adobe Digital Trends report, 52% of marketers say the ability to target and personalise content is fundamental to their 2013 online strategy.  ‘Sharing & Engagement’ on multiple platforms has been highlighted as a key focus.

Activities such as polls invite participation, keep online conversation flowing open up debate and create meaningful interactions with consumers.

By creating website content to show what the most talked about flavour of chocolate this week is or which service has the best customer feedback, you can show potential new customers you are in touch and engaging with your audience.