New Years Resolution: SEO Tips

SEO Tips & New Years Resolutions

We hope you’ve returned to your desks this New Year feeling relaxed and energised after a refreshing break.

This month, you may well have resolved to stop smoking, lose weight, or join a gym. But it’s also a suitable time to make some New Year’s resolutions at work, and, specifically, to set some goals for your website and SEO efforts. Early January is a great occasion for looking ahead and starting afresh.

Here are our tips for how you can make the most of this opportunity to bring about positive change.


Essential SEO Tips

  • Increase your search engine optimisation knowledge

The digital landscape is growing increasingly competitive. Boost your learning and understanding of SEO with online research and consider attending webinars. Google has a whole section of SEO resources in Search Central.

  • Organise your website logically

Organisation can make a significant difference to search engine performance. It should be straightforward, logical, and intuitive for users to find their way around your website. This also gives Google a better understanding of what you do. Picture your site as a physical shop. How would you lay it out?

  • Optimise keywords for your target audience

Identify your target audience and organise your keywords around them. Bear in mind that broad, competitive terms can be extremely time consuming and tricky to rank for.

  • Include relevant, optimised content

Another benefit of knowing your audience is that you’ll be able to create content that’s relevant to them. (Also ensure the content comes up on the search results for your target keywords).

The longer people spend looking at your content, the more Google will rate it as relevant to your keywords, and the higher you will rank for them.

  • Make it easy for spiders to crawl your website

Search engines should be able to access your website easily so that only your important pages are indexed. Key technical aspects include Sitemap.xml, Robots.txt and 301 redirects.

  • Get rid of duplicate content

Don’t duplicate content anywhere – search engines really don’t like it. Each landing page must have a title tag, meta description, website URL as well as unique on-page copy. Specifically, rewrite product descriptions from manufacturers to make these unique.

  • Cultivate a fan base to boost engagement

If Google notices that your content is engaging site visitors, it will improve your rankings. Additionally, engagement will help you to develop a core of followers and fans who will keep visiting your website to view fresh content. Ideas include insightful, expert blogs, forums, social media and emailed newsletters.


SEO Website Ideas

More generally, there are also things you can do to breathe new life into your website as 2024 gets underway.

  • Assess your analytics

Only when you have a strong idea of where your website and conversions are now can you start to improve. Handy metrics to consider here include site visitor numbers, average time spent on a page, and average page views per session, among others. Get stuck into Google Analytics.

  • Identify and upgrade outdated info

Don’t have out-of-date footers or indeed any content that’s past its sell-by date – from contact details to old events or products you no longer sell. With plug-ins, find out whether there are any updates you can install. Fix any broken links at the same time.

  • Do a content audit

Go through every word on your site with an eye for typos, inaccuracies, redundant information, and places where you can add trending keywords or improve readability and accessibility.

  • Have an ideas list

This can be on paper, whiteboard form or whatever you prefer, as long as it’s readily accessible. Every time you have an idea for a blog, new content, page titles or anything else, note it down.

  • Impactful design

Refresh your website design with subtle alterations or momentous changes to stand out from the competition. This will help with brand awareness and mean more people will find you.


Guidance from SEO Specialists

At Front Page Advantage, we help our clients to be found first time, every time. Talk to us about what we could do for your digital marketing in 2024. Start by requesting one of our free 10-minute SEO health check videos based on your own website.