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Platinum SEO Package

Have Confidence Your Google Rankings And Website Are Targeted To Beat Your Competitors

This package has been designed for business that gain substantial amounts of traffic from SEO (or want to) and need to outperform their competition on the Google Rankings with all aspects of SEO. With this package we become an extension of your marketing team and embed ourselves within your organisation to ensure SEO best practise becomes part of all marketing projects within the business. Whether it be new products, or services, or evaluating existing pages, we are on hand to investigate, analyse and propose solutions to capture as much relevant traffic from Google as possible. We can spend our time optimising the site directly and/or training your teams to also optimise the new content they create ensuring good ongoing SEO and not needing agencies like us to SEO all the new content that is being added. 

Our experienced Account Directors will ensure you have confidence the website is being optimised at the highest level and will provide transparent reporting to show exactly that. We can present the work we are doing, and intend to do, to your Board of Management or Investors as required. We’ve helped clients grow by expanding their online traffic, through to pulling together website investor pitches all the way through to Due Diligence phases of business sales proving the value of the website and its traffic.

By having us on hand for one day per week we can answer all questions as they arise with a direct line into  your Account Director. We can liaise with all other teams/agencies required to save your time to focus on other areas.

This package typically suits companies with a need for an in house SEO team but either don’t have the time to manage such a person or don’t have the budget to recruit the high level of expertise we offer on a full time basis.

In basic terms SEO is about ensuring your website has regular relevant content, is technically optimised so Google can evaluate the relevance and finally has enough of a spread of inbound links across the internet to show your authority in the areas you focus on. These elements will all be covered with our Platinum Package as well as ensuring the user experience elements and trust aspects of reviews are also optimised to encourage the most amount of engagement once a visitor moves into the consideration phase of using your product/service.

For those bigger businesses wanting 2 days or more per week then we can scale up as required.

The typical first few months are as follows:

Month 1

Learning about your business, including your customers, locations, competitors while also hearing from your sales teams on the type of leads gained from the site and your marketing teams on the customer insights that need to be factored into the SEO Strategy. When we have god understanding of the business, the background and also the business goals going forward we compile the SEO strategy and through all of this analysis also give our view on your other website traffic sources such as social media, email marketing, brand traffic and competitor insights. We complete a full technical audit of your website include current keyword ranking results, traffic levels, competitor’s activity and competitor keyword ranking results. We further look at the starting point for quality of links to/from your site and the more minimum requirement items like security certificates and how quickly your website loads on both desktop and mobile devices.
A full review of your Google Analytics account is conducted to ensure that this is tracking correctly and goals are set up to track conversions. We then take you through the results of the audit as this provides the foundation for the work that will need completing in the months ahead.
We also share the proposed monthly report and make additions/changes to meet your requirements plus talk through if any more regular reports are required so you have your finger on the pulse with the improvements in traffic.
We also get started on implementing the strategy so we can have the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time to ensure your get a return for your SEO investment.

Month 2

We continue to implement all the recommendations identified in month 1 and focus on the low hanging fruit of highly relevant search terms where you gain good enquiries but perhaps only appear at the bottom of page 1 of Google or page 2. By focussing on these areas that already established gives the quickest chance of improving the relevant traffic to the site. From this we will be able to show you the killer pages that are driving the sales/enquiries.

As we carry out our work we can be in constant contact to share what we find with regards visitors demographics to see if untapped opportunities exist of traffic being sourced but users exiting the site because the message or service doesn’t suit the search need. This is where we can test different messaging and try to drive different navigation paths to get more sales/enquiries.

Throughout every month of the campaign we will be working to ensure title tags and meta descriptions are crafted and implemented so the search engines can begin to see the search terms which you want to rank for. We track these terms in our ranking tool so you can see improvements in the search engine results over time and as the strategy begins to take effect. 

We will also continue to generate content for publication on the website which can also be used on the social channels. The goal is ensuring existing website content is up to date, to encourage entry to the website and make sure you are not losing out to your competitors on the informational topics being displayed in the search results.

Month 3

All of our contracts are on an initial 3 month term then 30 days notice thereafter so by now you will have a good feeling that we know what we are talking about and implementing at a rapid rate to ensure the Google algorithms are rewarding the site with rankings.  With the trust build we see that at this point client contacts move to a phase of talking about the business performance and quality of sales/leads coming in from the website with a feedback loop created of us continuing what is working well and going after areas that aren’t being tapped. If we don’t have a good partnership by this point then we encourage clients to find other agencies, but this hardly ever happens and the relationships we build is why our clients on average stay with us for 5 years. 

Our skill set extends beyond just SEO and can contribute to wider Marketing discussions, technical web development issues, sales lead process analysis and ideas on Social Media, Email Marketing, Data Reporting/Insights/Automation and External Website Sponsorship.