Why are my Facebook ads not converting

Why Are My Facebook Ads Not Converting & What Can I Do About It?

Few social media tools outstrip Facebook advertising – especially when it comes to audience research and brand promotion – but if you’re finding your advertising campaign on the platform isn’t generating enough conversions, you’re not alone. Facebook ads, used alongside PPC campaigns, make for a powerful tool and there’s a huge potential ROI. However, you need sales if you are to generate a return.

Here, we take a look at some possible fixes to help:

  • Do you have enough audience data?

Facebook is different to Google in that you need to research customers thoroughly and make decisions carefully before creating your campaign. Some extra areas for acquiring audience data include surveys and site questionnaires, real-time analytics of  your site and marketing channels and competitive analysis across all advertising channels.

  • Are poorly optimised targeting parameters wasting your ad spend?

Think hard about your target buyer and their behaviour and demographics (age, gender, income and so on), plus their interests and purchasing habits. Based on information Facebook users choose to share, you can target your ads with laser-like precision to those who are most likely to respond to them.

  • Remember – they’re Facebook users, not shoppers

It’s worth bearing in mind the primary reason why Facebook users are on the platform – not to shop, but to interact with family and friends and to share content.

So it may be worth considering adjusting what you want people to do – maybe, for example, you want to encourage people to attend a workshop rather than to make a purchase.

If your conversions aren’t as high as you’d like, consider video ads, dynamic ads or Facebook lead ads and see if these make a difference.

  • Are you segmenting your ad campaigns enough?

Your messages are only likely to appeal to some segments of your target audience. Experiment with different groups and conversion goals, and create hyper-targeted messages as you try varied landing page copy, images, messaging and ad creative.

  • Are the problems running deeper?

If you are getting clicks but not enough conversions, the problems could lie with your website or landing page – and they could be more complex than issues with ad copy.

Your content may be on the thin side, your messaging could be inconsistent, or you could (maybe even inadvertently) be providing a poor user experience, or loading times could be too slow. Try clarifying your call to action, adding some high-res images or clearing up cumbersome navigation.

In summary, continue to learn as much as you can about your customers, use remarketing, make the most of special offers and events, and target users according to their past purchases.

Front Page Advantage: here to help

At Front Page, we can help you decide whether advertising on Facebook is the right strategy for your business model. We’ve worked with the platform for years, so fully understand the importance of using it alongside PPC advertising, remarketing and paid social content to fully harness the potential of this powerful tool.

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