Zero Search Volume Keyword Targeting Explained

Google Discusses Zero Search Volume Keyword Targeting

Search giant Google has been discussing whether online businesses should target keywords with zero search volume. Essentially, these are queries for which there is no data on search history, or where there is very low search volume. They are often longer than standard keywords and highly specific.

In a recent online conversation, someone asked whether, if they researched a keyword with no volume or density, but their business appeared for it on the first page of the search results, they should be targeting it.

Google responded that, of course, the person making the query could target the keywords they wanted. However, here are some more things to take into account:

  • How do people search?

It’s always worth considering how users might find you online. Interestingly, this might depend to an extent on their experience or knowledge level of the area in which you operate. If someone is a newcomer to what you do, for example, they may use an unusual search term. In contrast, an older hand may use jargon that is common in your sector or industry.

So if you appreciate this, that could yield you some positive results. Write your content (and optimise it) to suit the needs of your readers.

  • Zero search volume keyword targeting

Effectively, this is often about focusing on longtail search queries – i.e. one that is more specific (and usually longer) than more commonly used keywords. They tend to attract reduced search traffic, but typically yield a higher conversion value, given how specific they are. Someone searching in this way is far more likely to be in touch about your products or services and, ultimately, to spend money with your organisation. Therefore they’re worth going after!

Remember, these are the phrases which are rarely searched for online. Equally, it’s worth bearing in mind that it’s the rarity of how often they are searched for, rather than the length of these queries, which is their defining characteristic.

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