Facebook remarketing strategies

8 Facebook Remarketing Strategies to Try Out

During the first quarter of this year, Facebook had some 2.85 billion active users, making it the world’s largest social network. The platform provides numerous ways of reaching out to many potential customers relatively cheaply and one of the most effective of these is through the versatile tool of remarketing.

If you’re not familiar with the concept, it simply refers to the running of ads targeting those who have previously visited your website. Whatever your business does, whatever its size, you can reach prospective customers through remarketing, even if your organisation is not a heavy Facebook user.

Facebook arguably has some of the PPC industry’s best bidding algorithms (which are getting better all the time), plus it offers some excellent ways of narrowing your focus.

Here are some of the ways you can use the social media giant to re-engage your target audience:

  • Remarketing page visitors

Consider creating remarketing lists from page visitors as a simple starting point. If your audience is small, you could begin by remarketing all visitors. If it’s quite big, consider making lists based on, say, those who asked for a free trial or demo but then bounced. Or target people based on how much time they spent on your site.

  • Remarketing offline activities

There are a couple of ways of doing this – offline events plus audience lists. For the latter, it’s all about uploading user lists. These can be based on current customers, or previously ‘warm’ leads which never converted.

  • Remarketing Facebook engagement

You can choose to remarket those who have engaged with your content, visited your page, sent you a message or seen your videos. (You can even base the latter on how long someone stayed watching a video.)

  • Remarketing lead generation forms

Remarket prospects who opened a form but never returned it, as well as those who did submit.

  • Remarketing prospects who engaged with your events

There are various options here if you create events on Facebook, including those who expressed an interest in attending, or started to buy tickets but didn’t complete the transaction.

  • Remarketing via your Facebook shop

E-commerce sites can target those who visited their shop, added products to their cart but never checked out, and so on.

  • Plan your lists around other marketing activities

You can also use remarketing lists to help plan other marketing campaigns, typically email.

  • Follow the buyer journey

Your customer journey could involve a number of different steps, or just a few of them. Take a look to see where people are dropping out and then use remarketing to win them back. For example, you could target those who add purchases to a cart but don’t check out, those who sign up for an event but don’t attend, and so on.

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