Brighton SEO 2021

brightonSEO – It’s Great To Be Back At Real-Life Events!

At Front Page Advantage, we’ve long been fans of brightonSEO, the regular chance for industry insiders to meet up and learn. We’re also big fans of in-person events. So it was a genuine pleasure to return this month to the Brighton Centre for our first in-person event since the lifting of Covid restrictions.

Held since September 2016 at the largest conference and exhibition venue of its kind in southern England, brightonSEO had far humbler beginnings in a room above a pub. It’s been going since 2010, and is designed to be hands-on, detailed and above all highly practical.

It also features some of the industry’s top people, and a high calibre of speaker, so we’re always pleased to attend. As well as learning new techniques, keeping abreast of industry developments and sharing experiences, it’s a great way to network and forge fresh contacts.

Last year, on its tenth anniversary, the event had no choice but to operate online. However, this month, brightonSEO was back on with a real-life event and we at FPA were delighted to be among the delegates. As we all know, meeting in person is always going to have the edge over a video call. (Especially when an event takes place at a fun seaside location!)

Our director Lucy Griffiths attended the conference element of the three-day event on the Friday, along with account manager Dan Barrowclough. Topics on the agenda included creativity, content strategy and building emotion into SEO copy. Meanwhile, SEO Executive Charlotte Fletcher also attended the training on the Wednesday (9 September).

Charlotte’s course covered strategy, technical SEO, content, strategy and basics. She told us afterwards:

“It was nice to be at my first SEO-specific event, and interesting to see how different businesses run and use SEO. A lot of the information consolidated what we do at FPA, which means we must be doing something right!”

Among the key things Charlotte says she learned concerned local SEO, keyword relevancy and strategy including creating competitor SWOTs.

Lucy Griffiths adds: “We definitely relish the chance to get out and about and meet potential clients and others at industry events such as brightonSEO. So we very much look forward to being at more such conferences and exhibitions, and letting you know how we benefited.”