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Camel Case – Clarity To Your URL

Our URL is often the company name compounded into a single line of text and the ability to quickly separate these words can often be lost on the reader, Camel Case is used to fix this very problem.

In the example pictured the Devere Venues pen features the company URL and we found most readers had trouble breaking up the text to form the two words as it is not immediately obvious, the reader needs to think and to quote Steve Krug, “Don’t Make Me Think” if you want to advertise immediately.

Technically the use of upper case characters in URL’s is bad practise as an “a” and an “A” are treated differently by web servers, so only use Camel Case on marketing material to help clarify your domain name and don’t go beyond the

You will see Camel Case used frequently with Google advertising, with the number of characters within ads being limited and the need to grab attention absolute Camel Case is a favourite with AdWords copy writers.

Care needs to be taken but I hope you can see it is an effective tool.