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New Year’s resolutions for your digital marketing in 2020

It’s time to bid farewell to 2019, and that, of course, means the chance to make some resolutions for the New Year. And, along with all those personal ones about hitting the gym, stopping smoking and finally learning Spanish, it’s worth looking at some digital marketing commitments. After all, 2020 is likely to bring its share of fresh challenges, so you need to prepare to meet them.

Make it the year you really explore, perhaps take a few risks and think about leaving your digital marketing comfort zone.

Here are a few ideas to kick off your thinking:

  • Invest in video marketing

Research from the Content Marketing Institute found that videos increase comments, engagement and shares about tenfold compared with other web content types. Video may take time and effort, but that hard work pays off when video is done properly. So think about which of your brand messages would work well in a three-minute video, and make that investment.

  • Keep ensuring your content is meaningful and engaging

You’ll expand the reach of your brand if users of your website engage and interact with your content. Tailor it based on what you think your individual visitor needs and wants, while educating them in what your brand does best. Use great content to continue to build trust and engagement.

  • Stop focusing on keywords

Clearly, search engine algorithms are changing all the time, so you shouldn’t focus your SEO success on keywords alone. Important though these are, they won’t be enough to convert traffic into customers. Don’t forget to focus on organic links from reputable websites, and creating engaging, relevant content plus an excellent user experience.

  • Organise your data

While everyone plans to ‘be more organised’ in the New Year, it’s a goal worth pursuing nonetheless. Start with a specific aim by vowing to keep track of your essential website information. That includes numbers of new users, page views and where your traffic is coming from every day.

While this can seem a bit of a chore initially, you’ll soon you get into the habit, so that it becomes routine.

  • Develop social media relationships

Use only those networks that will help you meet your goals and communicate with your target audience while delivering the best results. Find out which platforms best suit your products, brand and content.

Resolve to keep track of how you’re using social media, and what results you’re seeing. And remember, everything you share on social media must have a purpose. Even if you post for fun, which is fine, it still needs to help you connect with your followers – or attract new ones.

New Year’s resolutions can always seem a challenge, whether they’re personal or for business. But it makes sense to get into good habits at this stage of the year – and start 2020 as you mean to go on.

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