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Google to Show Advertisers More Search-Term Data

Industry juggernaut Google is set to share a greater volume of search query data with advertisers, as it gets rid of search-term data which has become outdated. Here, we summarise what you need to know.

The company says it is responding to advertisers’ calls for more information and that it has invested in the necessary technology to make this large amount of data available via Google Ads.

Advertisers still won’t have access to all available information, but there will be improved visibility of search-term data. The decision follows a move, from just over a year ago, to conceal search-term data using ‘insignificant’ information, something advertisers showed a disliking to. Now, Google says it has been striving to strike a consistent balance between maintaining privacy and sharing data with advertisers.

So what will advertisers get, exactly?

The search engine reckons advertisers could, on average, see up to a 6.5x increase in search term data. The change was made last month, so it’s already in place. What’s more, the information is populated back to February retrospectively, for relevant search terms.

There has to be a catch?

Sort of. To improve privacy, Google has deleted search-term data which pre-dates September last year, if it doesn’t meet the current search-term data thresholds. However, data that pre-dates that month will still be accessible until February next year, when anything that doesn’t meet the newest thresholds will be deleted.

Google says it will share extra information via the Insights page to help advertisers identify how people found them using a web search. It adds that advertisers will be able to understand the search query themes driving performance, even if this information was hidden from the search terms report.

What do I need to do?

Download your data which pre-dates last September, so you always have a record of that. Next, go through search-term data from February of this year up until n/ow. Look at your search terms carefully to assess any to which you may not previously have had access. Add keywords, including negatives ones, accordingly.

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