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How Can Social Media Help My SEO?

Social media can boost your business in a number of ways, yet one you may not perhaps have considered is the benefit of using it in conjunction with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). It is always worth thinking about social platforms in conjunction with the rest of your digital marketing efforts, rather than in isolation.

While social media may not affect rankings directly, since it’s not a ranking factor as such, there is nonetheless a relationship with them. It’s also so massive these days – Facebook alone had nearly 1.9 daily active users worldwide, during the second half of 2021. That means active users of the main social channels are bound to include members of your target audience.

Make no mistake, social media is a force you simply can’t afford to ignore. What’s more, it’s a fair bet that websites at the top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) are likely to have strong social presences across the various social platforms. (Even though, to rank highly, they will need to perform well in other areas.)

How does social media help SEO?

  1. You can use it to share the content you produce. After all, social media grants you access to a wide audience and the more people who engage with your content, the better the (albeit indirect) impact on your search ratings.
  2. Enjoy more opportunities to gain backlinks. Backlinks are a big feature of SEO and show the big search engines that people are responding to your content.
  3. Being active on social media channels will ultimately drive more traffic to your website.
  4. Social profiles help build trust. Most marketplaces are intensely competitive these days, with consumers increasingly cautious about who they spend their money with. They expect brands to have a strong, high-quality social media presence.
  5. Along with your website, your social profiles can rank when people use branded search terms.

Front Page Advantage: here to help

Here at Front Page, we’re all for using social media to boost brand and reputation, and show current and potential customers what sets your brand apart. It’s also a great way of engaging with those keen to learn more about what you do.

We’re also highly aware that all the various elements of digital marketing need to work in tandem; and social media and SEO are both most powerful when they support each other. Get in touch today for an informal about how we could take your social media to the next level.