Facebook ROAS

How to Optimise Your Facebook Ad Campaigns & Boost Return on Ad Spend

With 2.8 billion active users monthly, not to mention 1.84 billion daily visitors, Facebook is the leading social media outlet, making $27.2 billion in ad revenue during the fourth quarter of 2020. By advertising on the platform, you can gain a marketing advantage at all stages of the sales funnel, plus access to one of the biggest audiences in the world.

So it can generate a lot of revenue for your business, but if you’re not 100% sure what you’re doing, it can be fiddly. Here, we put together some top tips for optimising your Facebook campaigns to maximise return on ad spend, or ROAS, so that you enjoy better results with the same or less money.

  • Think mobile-first

Don’t take your eye off the mobile experience. If your website is slow or hard to navigate on the move, this will have an impact on your conversion rate. Social media traffic in particular tends to come from mobile users, so remember not to take your eye off the ball.

  • Drive more data

Facebook really loves data, relying on it to form bidding decisions, so when data volume is low, your potential for full optimisation is also limited and this can lead to variable ad performance. At the same time, ensure your data is accurate and take time to monitor and track it consistently.

  • What needs to change?

If your advert isn’t doing well among certain groups, does your targeting need to change? Try testing different objectives, creative formats, customer journeys and bidding strategies. Keep looking at your promotions and headlines, too. Which ad format best suits your target audience? Your ads on Facebook won’t perform at their best unless you are constantly tweaking them. Find out which adverts are working hardest and performing best.

  • Set up conversion tracking

Set this up so you learn exactly what a lead is worth to your brand and the rate of conversion from lead to becoming a paying customer. Once you know these numbers, you can test your ads on different audiences, varying them as you see fit, to see which ultimately generate the best ROAS. Ditch any low-ROAS ads or sets and test new ones to assess performance against goals.

How we can help

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