How to think creatively and try new PPC tactics

Like anything else, Pay-per-Click or PPC advertising is constantly changing, meaning everyone working with it needs to adopt consistently different thinking.

Now, more than ever, in these endlessly shifting, challenging times, it’s vital to consider the way your messaging, the products or services you’re promoting, and the audience you’re targeting, relate to your consumers and their immediate needs. See how our PPC service can help.

So it’s vital to keep thinking creatively, whatever industry you operate in, as businesses models everywhere become upended. It could also be a good time to experiment with some fresh PPC tactics, since strategies that worked pre-Covid may no longer be effective.

Here are some things you could consider trying:

  • Rethinking PPC platforms

Here are a few ideas for thought:

  1. Amazon Ads – This could be a strong addition, or an alternative, to Google Shopping
  2. Waze Local – From Google, this offers a new channel for smaller organisations, and targets drivers as they travel through their immediate location and may be tempted to stop off
  3. Quora Ads – This has been expanding in the areas of B2B, consumer and software niches
  • Stay visible

Economic uncertainty means that, while people are still searching across industries, arguably more than ever, they may be taking longer to get to the point where they’re ready to make a purchase.

So it may well be worth combining paid search with other media channels, like social media, to stay visible as consumers do more research. You may also find you do well if you combine PPC ads with native ones, i.e. advertising that matches the function and form of the platform on which it appears.

And don’t forget to update new business hours if these have changed during the crisis.

  • Time to update your messaging?

Now is the time to be thoughtful with both the copy and imagery you use in your ads. Is the tone, for example, relevant and suitable in view of the current situation and what your customers may be experiencing?

Use ad extensions to highlight any offers or any ways in which your business has changed.

With all strategies, don’t forget to note in Google Analytics where you’ve shifted your strategy, so that you can assess these changes’ impact as you look back in the future. Revaluate your decisions every few months, if not more often.

Finally, remember to strike a good balance between using automation tools while at the same time monitoring performance manually. Now, more than ever, is not the time to ‘set it and forget it’. Keep an eye on performance yourself to tweak strategies as needed.

How we can help

At Front Page Advantage, we’re PPC specialists with many years’ experience under our belts. We know the landscape has changed for pretty much all our clients, across almost all industries. If PPC is proving too expensive for you then maybe consider investing in SEO,

We’re here throughout the pandemic crisis and beyond, and will gladly advise on any aspect of creativity and innovation in your PPC campaign. Give us a call now and learn more.