Our 6 Top Tips For Remarketing Campaigns

Our 6 Top Tips For Remarketing Campaigns

While you may think a PPC drive can work in isolation, the reality is that it probably can’t. Alongside your campaign, you often need a companion remarketing solution. This avoids a one-size-fits-all, scattergun approach in which you are targeting both new and first-time users of your product or service, including those who may not have previously seen your ads as well as those who have already been on your website.

So you need to target new users as well as a remarketing audience to gain better results via a more granular approach. You can do the latter via tools such as Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RSLAs).

However, as you do so, here are our top half-dozen tips for maximising your chances of success:

  1. Upsell and cross-sell as well as selling

It can be tempting to think that someone who didn’t convert to a sale simply didn’t have the right information – and while that may sometimes be so, it’s not always the case. Think about cross-selling and upselling as well as regular selling by telling users what they’ve previously heard in a different way. Cross-selling promotes related offerings, while upselling encourages buying a higher-grade product or service. Also, even if there’s no sale of the latter, it can showcase indirectly the initial offering’s value.

  1. Play the long game

It’s a misconception that remarketing is a short-term effort. In fact, you can remarket up to a year after the initial contact, thinking about seasonal factors and patterns of consumption at the same time.

  1. Have synergy with other channels

With a remarketing campaign, you’re inevitably targeting those who’ve previously been on your website via other channels, from social media and display ads to email drives. Think about what information people may have had before, and in what format, and go from there. You can even organise a remarketing campaign by channel or channel sets.

  1. Remember you won’t initially need any extra budget

At least initially, to set up some tests, you won’t need to set aside any extra budget to do your remarketing.

  1. Seek scale

Scale is key – don’t believe that there will necessarily be a huge audience out there to retarget. Be realistic that your remarketing volume may actually be quite small.

  1. Remember who to exclude

While it may sound obvious, someone who has only just bought your product or service almost certainly won’t be doing so again immediately. So you can safely discount any and all conversions from the past week or two, unless, of course, you’re deliberately targeting them for cross-selling purposes.

In conclusion, remarketing supports first-party data initiatives well, so they’re not something you can afford to ignore. At Front Page Advantage, we understand well how to get the most from remarketing drives for our broad base of clients across myriad industry sectors. Get in touch today for an informal chat about what we could do for your organisation – we’ll also advise you on how your remarketing efforts can best tie in with the rest of your digital marketing.