Why SEO alone isn’t enough to have a winning strategy

Why SEO Alone Isn’t Enough To Have A Winning Strategy

We all know that nothing stays the same and these last few years have seen more change than most. As consumer behaviours have shifted, so have search engine algorithms and therefore the strategies surrounding and supporting SEO are also always changing; so it remains a complex beast.

What’s more, it’s vital to remember that, despite its importance, SEO alone won’t land you a winning strategy in your market or sector. You need dynamic, digital-first strategies – and to appreciate that SEO faces significant and varied challenges. Nonetheless, it still offers a varied picture of the shifting consumer voice, with insights which can inform different digital strategies.

Is SEO impactful enough if used in isolation? Here are some other factors to bear in mind:

  • Content marketing

High-quality content is still vital to visibility and should be a key part of an integrated strategy. Also, content isn’t limited to blogs – think social media, videos, podcasts and e-books.

So have a holistic strategy connecting this kind of marketing and SEO.

  • Digital advertising and Pay-per-Click (PPC)

SEO and PPC both bring customers to your website and should complement each other. To this end, think about integrated dashboards providing insight into paid and organic search results – use the right data to support key insights, potentially leading to cost savings. For example, you can do this by identifying keywords with a high cost per click (CPC) and poor organic visibility.

Additionally, if you can focus on giving customers relevant adverts, based on what they want and need, instead of on demographics, this can also be of significant help to your brand and, ultimately, sales.

  • Social media

You hardly need us to tell you just how widely used and important social media is. Think about whether it’s time to reconsider your strategy for this, to ensure it’s flexible and integrated with SEO to support the latter’s performance. Equally, don’t forget the importance of constantly learning about social media and of monitoring its performance.

  • Brand management

Again, you don’t need us to tell you how important it is to manage your reputation online. Indeed, failure to do so means your SEO efforts are nothing short of a waste of time. However, remember that each interaction someone has with you contributes to overall brand perception.

Keep engaging with customers and keep managing your online presence proactively, via review sites and social platforms.

  • Email marketing

This is another cost-effective way of driving traffic to your website. Test and learn based on the results and think about how you can use this tool to boost your SEO efforts.

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So use SEO insights as you connect with customers across multiple channels, including digital ones, via an integrated strategy that doesn’t just depend on SEO alone. Talk to us at Front Page Advantage about how we can help you to do this.