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Which are the best PPC reporting strategies for 2020?

These are challenging and uncertain times, with dwindling budgets and rising expectations. At the same time, any business should be showcasing its best results consistently. So when it comes to PPC reporting, you clearly need it to be as helpful to your organisation as possible. Learn more about what PPC is.

In fact, this reporting is key to your success, customer retention and reducing churn or loss of business. And while basic PDF weekly or monthly reports may once have worked, they’re unlikely to be enough on their own these days.

What you should probably be looking for instead includes fresh data, available on demand, trends detected automatically and information available by email and other formats.

Here are a few thoughts to kick you off:

Use multi-channel reporting

This has become, in a phrase that’s grown popular, the ‘new normal’.

Research reveals companies with over 20 clients and a low churn tend to use four or more channels in their PPC reporting. These can include reports by email or web browser, or even by embedding in a website.

Equally, of course, you need to use the right channel for the right reporting goal.

What’s your goal?

As with anything else, have clear aims for your PPC reporting firmly in mind from the outset.

You may want to showcase your work, provide an update on progress, prove a clear Return on Investment (ROI) from advertising spend, or highlight new trends. With the latter, this can take time, not least if you’re managing multiple websites or accounts. But having the relevant data in front of you will help immeasurably.

You may also want an occasional high-level executive report, offering a summarised overview of progress without going into huge detail.

In conclusion, most industry professionals agree that not adapting to new methods of PPC reporting (and indeed SEO reports) can ultimately lead to ceding ground to the competition. Read our previous blog post on Three SEO Reports You Should Be Building

How we can help

The good news is that none of the things mentioned above is particularly complicated to do. Check out our PPC service options.

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