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Rankings Slapped By the Latest Google Update? Here’s What to Do Next

Google has a habit of releasing updates at the Christmas shopping time of year and not so long ago, it launched a string of spam updates at the same time, with a core update hot on its heels. Yet there are various reasons for  holding your nerve, waiting a while before acting and above all, not panicking. Here’s why:

  • It’s still being improved

Google typically begins to enhance the update shortly following its release, once it has identified any issues. It could well be worth waiting until then.

  • Hang on until the update settles down

Before you can truly understand how a Google change will update your search rankings, you may need to allow some time for it to bed in. This will give you a more accurate picture. Sometimes, you may even have to wait until the next Google core update – indeed, there’s a long history of Google updates taking a little time to settle down.

Quite often, high-quality websites can be pushed down the rankings, with others being promoted unintentionally – these are called ‘false positives’. If it happens to you, it doesn’t necessarily mean your site has been demoted. You may just need to wait for some fine-tuning from Google. Just like anything else, algorithms are not perfect and mistakes can happen.

So don’t automatically believe what everyone else is saying after a core update – your website could recover within days.

  • These updates don’t target niches

In SEO terms, a niche refers to a specialised part of a market of target audience such as, for example, health-related websites. However, while there are some exceptions, Google core updates don’t typically work by targeting particular niches. Often, it’s just that a change can be see more visibly across some search queries than others. So you do need to ask why some sites have shown more sensitivity to a specific change, since that niche won’t have been deliberately targeted.

  • Our rankings have dropped – what should we do next?

If your ratings have been affected by a core Google update, fixing technical glitches such as 404 pages, or disavowing random links, won’t help. Core updates essentially centre on relevance and overall website quality.

Google has started announcing when an update has been fully rolled out. If your rankings have still slipped after that, take a look at your relevance and quality.

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