Revitalise your social media this month

Revitialise your social media this month

Get tweets noticed, increase engagement and retweets, get more google+ followers and increase marketing on Pinterest.  Here are 20 steps you may not be aware of to help rejuvenate your content and enrich your social media business pages.


  • Keep tweets short and snappy, if you’re using the maximum 140 characters people will need to edit them before retweeting if they want to add any comments themselves.  Keep tweets between 80 – 110 characters long.
  • Make sure your tweets will be noticed, use this free tool from Tweriod to discover when audiences are most active.
  • 8am – 7pm are the busiest periods on Twitter, this we already know, but don’t ignore the weekend, Salesforce’s research shows there is a 17% increase in engagement at the weekends for brands that schedule tweets for a Saturday or Sunday.
  • Adopt an 80/20 rule, 80% of your tweets to promote the content of others and 20% to promote your own content.
  • If you haven’t found them already search for Twitter power users in your field and mention them in posts.  This allows you to interact with their larger audiences by using their handle.  Follow influencers and also follow lists that have already been created.
  • According to stats there is a 150% increase in engagement if you add an image to a tweet, a simple quick boost we can all manage.  Struggling for images?  Use free images from Flickr copywrite free images, Unsplash or free istock images (new ones are released each week).  Alternatively there are many stock photo sites you can subscribe to such as Shutterstock.
  • If you ask for your tweet to be retweeted Salesforce claims you are 12 times more likely to get retweets, obviously to be used sparingly but worthwhile on a key tweet.
  • Look at hashtags relevant to your industry and use them in your tweets and remember tweets with a link get 86% more retweets.  You can find out the most popular hashtags on
  • Dan Zarrella has put together a list of the words and phrases that will get you the most retweets, worth a look: 20 words and phrases.

More followers on G+

  • Use your personal profile to comment on and share your business page content, most people have more personal followers than business page followers also people relate to a face and name and are more likely to engage.
  • Anything you +1 and share can show up in your followers feeds so is a route to increased engagement.
  • Using hashtags on G+ is similar to Twitter, so any post with a hashtag enters the stream of that hashtag and increases reach.  Only use a couple in posts though, any more is not user friendly.
  • Follow memes and trending topics, all will have a hashtag which you can re-use in your business posts, these topics will be visited numerous times so posts will have an extended life.  As people +1 or share your content it then appears in more streams.
  • Add a call to action to ask people to follow your page for more info/content or circle you.
  • Use circles to create groups of local businesses this makes it easier for them to circle you back too.
  • Make sure you have a G+ badge on your website to make it easy for people to follow your business page.
  • Join google+ communities as you can share business content on there, always check the groups t’s and c’s though.


  • Raise the profile of your blog on Pinterest, add an image to your blog post, then pin that image onto a Pinterest board.  Copy the url of the pin and use it to create a post on G+, so promoting across social accounts.
  • Create a board just for sharing your blog posts and images, direct tweets, posts on LinkedIn, Facebook and G+ to promote this Pinterest presence.  Include links to customer newsletters too.
  • Find group boards to follow in the past this has been hard but you can use free PinGroupie. Fill in search fields on the PinGroupie homepage, then choose which order you would like them displayed in (we recommend repins as the group gets higher engagement if there are a lot of repins).  Click ‘filter’ and boards will be listed.